Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What if she has another family now? What if she has kids? What if they don’t know about you? That could be traumatic for the family.

I am looking for my brother and sister that were adopted out around 1953/54... There was also another brother who was adopted out but his adopted family helped him to reunite with his original family while we were all still in high school. We would all love to meet one or both of you if at all possible.

Searching for child put up for adoption in 1979. If you read this, please give your father a chance... I am your birth father's wife.

Am desperately searching for my little brother…... he just turned 27... He was adopted at birth

He is our brother. We would very much love to find him. We didn't know of his existence until a year ago.

I need help searching for my sister's child. She was 17. I found out about the baby last year, while I was pregnant with my little girl.

I am searching for my sister. I just found out about you & I hope we find each other.

I am your sister. I have been trying to trace you since I was 15 when I first found out of your existence. Please contact me, there is not a day goes past when I don't think of you.

Longing to find a sister that was given up for adoption.

I am seeking my older sister.She may not even know she is adopted!! Could it be you?? Please help me get the word out that I am searching for her.

I am searching for my birth sister. I was told when I was 13 years old that my mother had given a child up. I have tried since I was 18 to find her. I would love to meet her, and let her know she does have biological family that cares about her.

I am her sister. I have only found out recently that my mother was forced to give her up for adoption when she was 16 years old.

We are your siblings. Please call us. We never knew about you. We love you.

Can anyone please help me find my sister who was adopted...



Would somebody please tell these damn fools posting all over the internet that they are supposed to be traumatized and devastated by the knowlege of us? Obviously they didn't get that memo.

6 complaints from ingrates:

Doughnut February 28, 2007 at 7:31 AM  

I would have welcomed you with open arms if I found out you were my sister....what would be really freaky is to find out you married your half-sibling and I understand that can be a possibility in today's world of sperm/egg dontaion and adoption.

Anonymous,  February 28, 2007 at 7:40 AM  

*sigh* After what's probably some initial shock and confusion, everyone wants to be connected. I mean, as far as I can tell, everyone does. Well, except me. I throw relatives out the car window like so much used gum. But I'm not normal by any stretch of the imagination. And you should see these relatives -- hoo boy! If you ended up with them, you'd be muttering, "something wrong with the paperwork . . . must be some mistake . . . " while you had your hand on the doorknob and your legs in the sprint position.

Those are my extended relatives, mind you, not my immediate family; the ones I just met about 4 years ago at 2 family reunions 2 years in a row and then said "never again." My sister said to me, "Now, Judy, they are our relatives," and I said, "Not mine. I voted them off of my island."

I'm mean.

But yeah. Other than big ol' mean me, people do want to be connected. And aren't traumatized by finding out about a long-lost adopted out sibling.

Anonymous,  February 28, 2007 at 10:21 AM  

Hi Theresa, ***sigh*** I hope that my siblings would be searching for me as well if they knew about me. I often wonder if I should just reach out to them, or give it time, as my mother wishes no contact. I grew up an only child wishing for a sibling, and now i find out I have 3 (maybe more if i ever find my father). i realize that not every relationship is perfect, that siblings often hate each other, but at least its worth a try...

Ungrateful Little Bastard February 28, 2007 at 4:30 PM  

Lee that's funny, that's always what my stepson used to say when he was younger about his father and I, 'What if you two are RELATED?? OH NO!',

Judy that is a riot. As far as adopted relatives go in my family, some are definitely better than others. Sometimes when the beloved family tradition of the ritual character assination of absent family members is going on, I'll just lean over to my son and adopted sister and say, "Just remember... we're not related to ANY of these people" which always gets a laugh. Only out of the three of us though ;)

Bijou I can't begin to imagine how you feel. It has got to be so confusing. I would so hope if they were aware of you they would reach out. And I can only hope they become aware of you sometime soon.

L February 28, 2007 at 9:29 PM  

My first mom told her kids about me about 5 years ago when they were 12 and 14. She said their initial and immediate reaction was that they needed to find me. NOW!
There was no trauma, no jealousy. They just wanted to find me and know I was ok.
Kind of sweet, eh?
I am also in contact with my sister through my first father. She said she's also known of my existence since her teen years and always wondered about me.
No trauma here.
I think most kids would be pretty receptive to the thoughts of a sibling. If only they were given the chance.

Ungrateful Little Bastard March 1, 2007 at 8:15 PM  

Beth that is the best, thanks so much for posting that.

I'm sure it's probably like anything else. Some siblings would be curious; other's wouldn't. It's just the idea that for me, these nebulous what-if "legitimate kids" were always one of the weapons used in the This Is Why You Don't Search war

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