Saturday, April 28, 2007

Google PR is a friend and a foe

Google is great if you want to know who or what is a miserable failure.

Google is great if you've got a high PR.

If you don't though, forget about it. No one will know about your site unless they put quotes around an exact phrase of text that appears on your web page. But if someone is looking for a certain site, they won't know what exact phrases to use, as they've never seen it.

If your Google PR is low, you're that new kid sitting alone in the cafeteria. You may be the coolest thing in the world, but without incoming links, you're spending your Friday nights alone.

There are two sites that I'd like to see have a higher Google PR. This is where you can help.

If you have a webpage of resource links, can you please add these two if you haven't done so already?

Also, if you blog, you could please consider adding them too? Adding them in blogs is a little different. You definitely want to link to the websites above as I did, but to really push them up high so that the people who need them will be able to find them, you've got to be a little...... politically incorrect... for lack of a better phrase.

See... people are going to find them by typing in some pretty blunt phrases. Phrases attached to links are good in raising PR. So linking finding a grave or late discovery adoptee are good, but you know, people really aren't going to type that.

They're going to type i just found my birthmother and she's dead, or my birthmother is dead, or i'm adopted and i just found out my birth mom died.

Or they're going to type in finding out you're adopted when you're old, or i just found out i'm adopted, or i was just told i was adopted.

It may help.

There are many other sites and blogs that I want to write about (and I will later), but these two really need to be up there so their target audience can find them. If anyone else has any suggestions or tips on how to get them higher in Google, let me know. SEO is not my thing, so my tips may be old and outdated.

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