Saturday, May 05, 2007


Well I'm really glad that Really's comment is really no longer on that news article.

But I'm really sorry I really got everyone all riled up.


I really believe people like her are in the real minority. I really believe that.

I really believe in a lot of real things.

May, is a really weird month for me. Always has been. Really weird things happen in May. Not bad things mind you, but weird things.

This May is no exception.

I really need to catch up on some blog reading. And then I really need to get to work.

May is spent in preparation of an annual ritual in the home of many dysfunctional Brady Bunch families like ours, and that is the Annual Summer Migration of Children. Although our children are older, the ritual continues. We have bedrooms to rearrange, old furniture to toss out, new furniture to buy, insults such as "OMG U GUYZ HAVE NO CLOSET SPACE!" and "THERE IS NOTHING TO EAT IN THIS HOUSE!" screamed in front of an overstocked fridge to prepare ourselves for. We really love that. I'm really telling the truth.

So I'm really sorry I upset everyone by posting Really's really nasty comment. Let's pray for her. Let's pray she goes for a nice walk in the woods to clear her head. And then steps in a huge pile of deer shit.

Oh no see there I go again. Alright I'm just weird right now, because it's May. Weird things are happening of a real nature. Stay tuned, sports fans. The game is going into extra innings. And you know I fucking hate baseball so why I keep using these sports references is really beyond me.

Peace out.

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