Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yay for more blogs

Yay three more!

OK the first one was briefly introduced during a manic post regarding my adoption books, but she’s since moved over here to Blogger. Jeannie’s older blog was at 360, where you can still read her unfailing determination to get her information in her archives. The new blogger blog is over at Newly Orphaned.

Another new one I’m reading (when I’m not staring catatonically into space) is My Name is Simon Bell. Start at the older post and work your way backwards, it’s quite a good story…. if tales of fighting civil service flunkies across the Pond is your idea of a good story. Well, it’s MY idea of a good story damnit, so there.

The third one isn’t really an adoptee blog in the sense of blogs that are all adoption all the time. But if you’re the type of reader who likes stories of genealogical hunts and discoveries like I am, you’ll really enjoy this. The blog is named Muse Gumbo. The story of his ancestry hunt is broken down into 8 separate posts back in the March archives and it’s a fascinating and great read. As is the rest of the non-adoption stuff posted.

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