Friday, August 10, 2007

The Faces Of Project

Wow. Just wow. Please sign up. And distribute.

The Faces Of Project

My heart lies in Adoption and my first series will be The Face of Adoption – likely in three parts: The Birthmother (Face of Relinquishment), the Adoptee, and the Adoptive Parent. Talk runs amok in the online world about each of these groups and they are usually beyond inaccurate. Who are birth/firstmothers? They are teenagers, they are women in college, and they are married women. They are women who are poor, women who are wealthy. They are women who have support and some who do not. How do they feel? Some are happy, some are not. Some are 2 weeks post placement, some are 10 years post placement, and some are into reunion. What did they go through? Some had closed adoptions, some have open. Some have something in between.

My hope is that through this project, one can SEE the reality of Adoption. A picture, of someone just like you, or maybe not what you’d expect and a story that will hopefully show you that we are all unique, as is how we live our lives.

I’m currently looking for participants in the project. Participants will be asked to complete an in person interview and photo shoot with me in your location. I am currently planning trips to Washington, DC area, Southern California and of course I can travel anywhere in Florida. I will plan trips to other locations as the need arises. Participation can be as open or anonymous as you wish. I will be starting with The Face of Relinquishment. I’m also interested in collecting interviews for other campaigns. You can see the current list on the right sidebar.

If you are interested in discussing further how you can participate in this project, feel free to comment below or send me an email at

I sincerely believe that we change the world by changing one person’s perception at a time. With knowledge, we can alleviate fear and without fear we can instigate change. Let’s start by showing our faces, our real faces and giving name to the issues we carry in our thoughts and hearts.

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