Thursday, September 06, 2007

Two more jobs for you!

Trying to get some more time-sensitive stuff out of my inbox

#1 - Bastard Nation Action Alert - Veto MA SB63- Oh it's that blasted Angel of Implied Confidentiality rearing it's ugly head again! I hate these kind of bills. Go tell Massachusetts to get with their smart neighbors up north in Maine, already.

#2 - Unlocking the Heart of Adoption on PBS - Take a sec to write to your local PBS station and see if they'll run this in November. It would be a great prequel the week before RegDay, don't you think? PBS makes it simple to write to the station, just ten minutes could get this movie aired. Writing PBS - so easy a caveman could do it. Just enter your zip code in at the station finder. I wrote to channels 13 and 21 here. You can too!

Dear Friend,

The documentary UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION first aired on national public television in January 2005 and my three year contract is nearly up. This is our last chance to have the film air on PBS. If you would like to see the film air in your area - now is the time to call your local public television programmer. They are putting their schedule together for November right now.

It's easy to do. Just call your favorite PBS station and ask to speak with the Programmer. Then let them know that airing UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION in November for National Adoption Awareness Month would be an excellent way to honor adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents.

You will probably get their voice mail, so leave a message with the details. You could also ask for their email address. And you can mention that this was a NETA feed, National Educational Telecommunications Association.

If you are a member of the station let them know this and if you are not, tell them that this is a program you will watch. Thank you!

This 56 minute documentary bridges the gap between birth and adoptive families through diverse personal stories of adult adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents in both same race and transracial adoptions. They stirringly reveal the enormous complexity in the lives of normal people when impacted by adoption. In the process, they explain what the universal issues of loss, identity and needing to know the truth mean to them. Many candid snapshots touchingly enrich each story. Historical footage is threaded through the film and serves as an illuminating background. UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION gives the viewer a powerful way to understand what 'adoption as a lifelong process' means today.

Filmmaker, Sheila Ganz is a recipient of the 2006 Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's Angels in Adoption Award. For more information and to purchase the DVD visit:, click on Buy the Film.

Here is what a few people have to say about the film:

"A powerful and honest look into the lives of adoption triad members. UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION captures the essence of adoption issues as adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents tell their stories as only they can. Moving, poignant, and enlightening."
Marlou Russell, Ph.D.
Psychologist, adoptee and author of "Adoption Wisdom"

"Sheila Ganz's UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION is a superb teaching tool for courses on adoption. This elegantly constructed documentary film introduces U.S. adoption's recent history and basic themes and provides a dramatic and moving perspective on the powerful emotions adoption can arouse. Tracing several adoption stories among triad members and across the life-span, through interviews that honor all points of view, the film leads viewers into a richly dimensional understanding of the conflicts, joys, and sorrows of adoption. My students were very glad to have seen Ganz's film; it launched a fine discussion to which we will return again and again."
Margaret Homans, Professor of English and of
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Yale University

"Sheila Ganz's excellent film gives us a window into the emotions of adoption without drawing conclusions. Starting with her personal journey, she takes us along a path where we meet others who are processing their feelings and ideas in front of us about what adoption means to them. I recently introduced this film to 234 health class students at a local high school. They were drawn into the stories where they witnessed the raw emotions of real people. The comments from the students were all positive and confirmed my suspicion that this film is not just for members of the adoption triad, but for a wider audience."
Cynthia M. Savage, Executive Director
Adoption Horizons, Eureka, CA

Let me know how it goes. Thank you for helping me to bring UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION to more people around the country!

Best wishes,

Sheila Ganz


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