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The Adoption Show Sunday October 21, 2007 Ron Morgan & Kali Coultas


Sunday October 21, 2007
9:00 PM (EST)

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Ron Morgan & Kali Coultas These two dynamic people are the organizers of the Adoptees Rights Protest Day at the National Conference of State Legislature’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, on Tuesday July 22, 2008. We'll hear about Ron & Kali's idea to bring adoptees, their families, friends, and supporters together for a demonstration in New Orleans to fight for adopted persons' right to their birth certificates.

About Ron...

Ron Morgan was born and adopted in Los Angeles, California, in 1954. His adoptive parents kept his adoption a secret that they took to the grave. Ron discovered that he was adopted shortly after their deaths in 1991, and experienced shock, excitement and anger, followed by years of confusion and depression. As a means of processing his own experiences, Ron began reaching out to others like him, and named these adoptees Late Discovery Adoptees

Ron's journey of discovery led him to Open Records activism. He served on the Executive Committee of Bastard Nation from 1997 to 2001, and chaired the California Open coalition from 1999 to 2001. Ron now works as a professional organizer and campaign consultant.

Ron reunited with his family of origin in 1998, and found that although he had been raised as an only child, he was actually the fifth of thirteen brothers and sisters. The first biological kin he met were his three daughters, born before his discovery.

About Kali...

Kali Coultas is an adult adoptee, in reunion since 2001 with her paternal and maternal families. She first got involved with adoption activism after her reunion, and sought out other adoptees (online) who shared similar experiences to hers.

Check out Kali on The Adoption Show with her segment, The Angrates Action Alerts, where she delivers world-wide legislative updates and covers controversial topics surrounding the legal sealing of adoptees' birth certificates. email Kali at:


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New segments will be coming up in November 2007! Julie Rist with The Lizard Chronicles and Kali Coultas with The Angrates Action Alerts. Denice Bradbury-Powell joins The Adoption Show as Associate Producer. More information about these new segments will be available on The Adoption Show's new web site, which will be up and running next month.

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The Adoption Show will be donating a portion of the membership fee to various organizations involved with legislation to unseal adoption records, as well as global organizations that support adoptees and families separated by the practice of adoption. Currently we are sponsoring: Adoptee Rights Protest July 22, 2008 Lafayette Park New Orleans, LA

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