Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bastard Air

Two quick tidbits shamelessly stolen oops I mean gifted from other blogs, because I'm so excited about them.

  • Via Dan's blog comes the news that he is soon to appear on The Adoption Show. I can't wait. I had the true honor of having dinner with Michelle and other beautiful bastards during her vacation and am really anxious for the show to start streaming once again.

  • Via Bastardette the announcement that Donna Montalbano has moved to WARL 1320AM - and it's a streaming site! I was completely bummed when Marley was on the old show from Donna's former station in August, because I couldn't hear it.

Another streaming radio station that I'm usually out of the house when it's on is The-Seeker. Now that beach season is over I really need to make a commitment to listen in. Have you heard that show? Taking a quick peek through the archives makes me feel really guilty that I haven't listened before; there are some really interesting shows in there.

1 complaints from ingrates:

Anonymous,  March 4, 2008 at 12:04 AM  

Born to natural nother, lived with her for thirteen years, bitch dumped my ass, I got fostered, went to college, got adopted IN COLLEGE. How F'd up that was. Dad died last year. Left me comfortably inherited and now I'm focusing on raising my own three natural children and being a decent husband to my wife (whose upbringing was so unbelievably normal as to bring salty tears of rage to your eyes).

So what you got? You're maybe a lost sister/brother/it's complicated sibling of mine. I have a few I haven't tracked down.

And my mother listed a German national as my natural father. I can't find the FOKKER, or I'd claim German citizenship via ius sanguinis in a frikkin' heartbeat. Know any German P.I.'s?

And lately I can't find my stinking mother, either. She's apparently not dead, but I had a dream she was. Just dropped off the face of the earth. Ungrateful wretch of a woman, won't even let her first-born send her a birthday card to assuage some latent guilt and hostility. The nerve.

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