Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today is send $10 to Pennsylvania day

At least it used to be for me.

It was a quasi-bi-yearly event. Sometimes I'd skip a year. Sometimes I'd skip two years. Sometimes I'd do it three times a year. It's gone up in price over the years. It used to be $4.00. Inflation, you know.

Why, you ask, did I have this burning need to fork over money to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania?

Glad you asked.

It's the rule of the Official State of Pennsylvania Adoption Reunion Registry. Let's take a little peek at the rules here:
What happens if a biological parent files a consent form after the Division of Vital Records processes a request?
If consent is received at a later date, the identifying information will not be sent to the adoptee. Therefore, an adoptee may wish to request periodically to determine if a consent form has been filed.

Sounds mundane, right? It's not, it's anything but.

If you're an adoptee registering with the State.... well, that in itself is wrong. Adoptees are not allowed to register. Only natural parents. Adoptees are invited to send $10 to the state to see if their parents have registered. They'll cash your check either way.

But remember - YOU are not registering. You are paying the state a fee to have a data processing clerk with access to your personal information and the personal information on your parents pull up your birth certificate record in the computer, and see if there's a field flagged saying mom or dad even knows about this non publicized registry.

Even better, this means, if Vital Records gets your form on a Tuesday, cashes your check, peeks in their computer, send you off a Sorry! letter, and then on Wednesday gets a registration form from your mom or dad - they will not notify you.

Anyone else think this is the cruelest system on the face of the earth? Anyone else think it's purposely set up that way? You remember that heartache when you find out no one has registered to find you. The fact they probably didn't know about the registry is a moot point. It hurts. Horribly. And when you're hurt like that, rejection sensitive scarred already from adoption, the last thing you want is to repeat the process, and pay $10 for the privilege.

I could do it again this year to see if my dad has registered to find me.

But I don't believe he has. Anyway, Pennsylvania got $10 last year, and they got $10 again from me last Spring when I felt a need to check twice in a year.

I'm keeping my $10 this October, but I wanted to get this posted. I get so many google searchers from people looking for Pennsylvania reunion information, so I felt it was good to get this reminder up.

If you're new to Pennsylvania adoption search, I'd really urge you to take a look off to the Pennsylvania section to the left there, and join up with the groups listed. We have such a hard search, and a hostile state. We really need all the help we can get.

And if you haven't done so in a while, as a Pennsylvania Bastard, you have the right to pay them $10 to look at your record, should you so choose to take advantage.

3 complaints from ingrates:

Anonymous,  October 7, 2007 at 1:16 PM  

Well of course you're not allowed to register--you're just a 'child'! Arrrggggh!

elizabeth October 7, 2007 at 3:41 PM  

This is truly disgusting. It reminds of when I got my hospital bill for being raped.

Anonymous,  October 7, 2007 at 6:14 PM  

Okay. Being from Pennsylvania and having placed through the (darned) state... I must say that I almost just threw up.

I can only FREAKING hope that our adoption stays open over the years. I'd give anything for the Munchkin to avoid this baloney.

Pfft to PA.

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