Friday, October 19, 2007

Who's better than bastards?

Bastards on YouTube!!

Here's a playlist of videos related to equal access to our birth records. Please go show them some love for their hard work. Comment, rate, favorite and share!

Some direct links:

Honesty in Adoption's submission for the 'Thick as Thieves' by Dashboard Confessional video contest
Do you believe the attention this one is getting? I think because it's linked up with the contest, it's getting views from people who ordinarily would never have seen anything related to adoption. Very exciting! Please post a comment and share so this gets more exposure.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Ad
I cry every time I watch this video. Because it's in my sidebar I see it almost every day, and it never fails to get me all weepy. I'm so thankful to be going to this. To let those who decide on my records see me face to face is an important opportunity I wouldn't miss for the world. Gersh did such a beautiful job on this video and she's such an inspiration. Please drop a comment!

Phone in program with Ron Murdock, Canadian activist for open adoption records in Nova Scotia and in Canada
If you have the time, get a cup of coffee and settle in to watch this talk show. It's really important. It's so wonderful Ron got these all online.

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