Saturday, November 10, 2007

Exhausted RegDay Wrapup

I’m STILL on a crappy dialup connection here, so if you’ve sent me an email since Friday afternoon I’m not ignoring you, it’s just that it’s too painful for words to sit and wait wait wait wait for the page to load.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, I can’t believe how fast today went.

It was fantastic, just wonderful.

If you were at a RegDay table of your own, I’m toasting you right now. If you weren’t at one, next year I hope you can be. The high is just indescribable. We had so much fun.

My pictures won’t be ready until I get back because I dumbly forgot my digital camera, but I’m sure Claud will get hers posted. The only problem is when she took pictures some fat bitch sat in my seat so there are no pictures of me anywhere to be found.

It was amazing to meet her, really, I was star struck. Face to face with the woman who sat so calmly next to Montel William’s WHERE CAN I GET A FREAKING BABY baby lust tantrum, and lived to tell the tale, wow.

And yay yay yay yay to see Stewie from AAAFC again yay yay yay. If you're not a member of AAAFC, you need to be.

It was a fun table, totally. It was a first for all of us so we’ve got some lessons learned and plans for next year. Here are my thoughts and memories on the day, rambling, incoherent, unedited and unspellchecked, and in no particular order

- I made enough copies to staff every RegDay table across the country, plus everyone who considered doing a RegDay table. Good thing is, next year there won’t be as many copies to make. But that brings to the next point:

- Stuff I left out. I didn’t have enough stuff with New York resources. Considering it was a NEW YORK TABLE y’think I would have, but noooooooooo. D'uh. Also I should have had more resources for International Adoptees. More about that later.

- I was too conservative with what I did print out. I used a lot of the material from the RegDay site as well as the coordinator’s list, but there was some stuff in retrospect that I could have included but didn’t. Next year.

- The location at the mall was great, near two heavy hitter stores (Target and Best Buy). Even better, directly ahead of us was a mall post office. How awesome was that.

- RegDay technology needs to be created to allow table volunteers to see thought balloons over the heads of passer-bys. The expressions on some of the faces were soooo interesting but sooooo hard to read. It provided a great mystery all day. Why is that pregnant woman looking so pained when she walks by us? Is she an adoptee who is afraid to search? Is she a mom who lost a previous child to adoption? God forbid, has she been snatched by some agency and is planning on adoption? If only thought balloon technology were in effect, it would make the tables much easier to manage.

- No one as much as looked at our books. Oh well. At least we were able to plug Girls Who Went Away to a few.

- We got signatures for Unsealed Initiative! Alright!!

- Some radio station, I don’t know which, played the 60 SECOND NATIONALITY PSA – WOW!! That’s where the majority of the visitors to the table came from. It was so weird. I wrote to a zillion stations but never heard back from one of them. Claud is pretty sure she knows which station ran it so she’s going to send out a thank you note.

- I didn’t cry as much as I thought I was going to, but I’m crying now. Good tears for a day well spent, but also identifying tears, for everyone who sat down with one of our forms, looked over the ISRR application and said, “I don’t have the answer to any of these questions” I know, god I know.

- The playlist I made got lots of looks and attention, that was good. Unfortunately I had the CD burned so far in advance I missed out on lots of great new videos, but all the better for next year.

- It will be a hard decision on next year. Do we all reconvene at the same location, or do we branch out to other locations with what we’ve learned? It’s really a decision of selfish versus practical. More practical to do our own tables to get more registrations, but damn, it was a fun day with the three of us.

- I wasn’t prepared for the authentic joy from some of the visitors to the table. Most notably two sisters who were searching on behalf of their father who was adopted, and a dad with a son who was adopted in Hungary. Even better – this adopted dad came back to the table a second time with a friend of one of his kids who was born in South Korea. Awesome awesome awesome.

- We did get plugs in for Unsealed Initiative, AAAFC, Adoptee Rights Demonstration, Origins-USA, Adoption Crossroads, Bastard Nation and KAAN. We also had a blog list printed out, thanks to Possum, so send some gratitude her way.

- I really want next year to also have a bit of preventative stuff as well, to hopefully keep a future registration from ever happening.

- I really need someone to pay me to do this as a full time job. I need comprehensive dental and medical, at least as long as my son is in college. Write to me about my salary requirements privately. Because my current employer has been good to me, I want to give them at least 2 months notice, so I can start working for you in January.

-I am actually really tired, I expected this but still it’s surprising just how bone weary exhausted I am.

-There are far too many separated families in this world. Today I hope that number became a little less and we gave a few folks their first glimpse of light outside the fog.

I'm heading to bed, I'm beat. Thank you Claud and Stewie, it was a killer day.

3 complaints from ingrates:

Anonymous,  November 10, 2007 at 10:59 PM  

Awesome thing you guys did. Yay you!!

Anonymous,  November 11, 2007 at 11:55 AM  

YAY! It WAS a great day.

I loved the grandmother that came because she wanted to find her adopted out granddaughter ... overhearing her tell her kept granddaughters about the sister they have out there that she would love them to know, and hearing the love and longing in her voice...that one will stay with me.

And the amom who came to get all the info for her columbian born adopted son...I thought that was awesome of her. i love when aparents help, it gives me great hope.

Theresa you did a KICKASS job on the handouts and the videos and in general, everything. You and Claud ROCK. I am humbled to know such a wonderful bastard and a wonderful mother.

Mary November 11, 2007 at 7:50 PM  

Awesome job you three!

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