Tuesday, November 06, 2007

People Magazine seeking recent victims of unethical adoptions - PLEASE FORWARD!

Via Origins-USA.org


I talked with a reporter from People Magazine who is preparing a story on recent coercive and unethical adoption practices. She would like to speak with a parent who recently lost their child to adoption coercion or fraud in the United States. She specifically requested to speak with parents who:

* Lost their child very recently, preferably within the past year

* Are willing and able to speak on the record and have their story published in People Magazine

* Have a compelling story that can be fact-checked

* Do not have a history of child abuse or anything else that would have led to them being accused of being "unfit" parents

She is also interested in talking with people who adopted (either domestically or internationally) and later discovered that the child they adopted had been obtained by kidnapping or coercion.

Her deadline is open, but she would like to have an update on Wednesday Nov 7 if possible.

If you or anybody you know might be able to help with this story, let me know and I will pass on your information to the reporter. She is a real reporter using a real People Magazine email and mailing address and phone number.

This could be a great opportunity to increase public awareness of coercive and exploitative adoption practices. Thank you for your help!

Bernadette Wright
President, Origins-USA

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