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Tales from the BSE - CAS helps ease mothers' torment

CAS helps ease mothers' torment
The Pocono Record - Tuesday, October 12, 1965 - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Our society makes the unwed mother distraught with shame in order to protect the family structure. Your Community Chest gift can help with adoption of the children, and with setting the mother back on her feet.

STROUDSBURG — A 17-year old high school girl finds herself pregnant- She is unmarried, and her parents are very upset and hurt by the discovery. What can she do?

Charles Jones, director of the Monroe County Children's Aid Society, said that many girls with this problem find help through the Children's Aid Society. The CAS is a Community Chest agency.

He reported that last year there were eight cases of this type that came to the Monroe County society office in Stroudsburg.

The Children's Aid Society can arrange for the girl to receive prenatal care, and have her baby delivered at the Booth Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia. The Booth Hospital is a Salvation Army maternity home and hospital, which is available for the referral of unwed mothers from other service organizations such as the Children's Aid Society.

Jones said that there is usually a waiting list for admittance to the Salvation Army hospital. Then, said Jones, "We talk with the girl and her family before the child is 'born, and establish a working relationship with them."

Adoption procedure
When, as in most of the cases Jones handled last year, the young mother does not wish to keep the baby, arrangements are made for her to relinquish it for adoption outside Monroe County.

After the infant has been born Children's Aid workers take it from the hospital to a pre-adopt which at time the legal responsitivie study home. (yeah I know that doesn't read right, that's the way it scanned.)

"We continue working with the girl toward securing a legal relinquishment of the child, at which time the legal responsibilities and rights of the mother are turned over to our agency," Jones said. "Later we can place the child in a final adoption home through our regional adoption program."

He said that when a couple applies for adoption of a child, the baby is first placed in the new home, under supervision of the Children's Aid Society, for six months. Only after the six month's trial is the adoption made final. 'During that time a regional adoption staff tries to discover how stable the husband and the wife are as individuals, and as a couple. 'We are interested in the atmosphere in the home," he said, "and their relationship to other couples, and to their work.

"Every couple is different, even in its reasons for wanting a child. "Normally we favor couples who have been married from three to five years, and who are over 21 years-old." He said that there is no financial requirement for couples wanting to adopt a child. "The income level is not important as much as is the way in which a family handles the money it has- Again, we are interested in stability."

Jones said that not all children born to unmarried girls are given up for adoption. Decision is mother's "The decision is always up to the girl," he said, "and to her parents when the mother is a minor."

"We try to point out the problem if she does keep it, to inform and prepare her better." He said that sometimes girls believe that if they and the father of their child marry, they will solve the problem, "but sometimes this just compounds the problem."

5 complaints from ingrates:

Unknown November 27, 2007 at 9:22 PM  

I know a girl who went thru a program like this, and she was really messed up.

welcome to my nightmare. the guise of providing assistance while essentially depriving a mother of her baby and a child of "IT's" mother.how can they arrange adoptions and yet still say the girl has an option of keeping her baby?

Anonymous,  November 28, 2007 at 6:23 AM  

This makes me sick.

The beginning of the article says it all when it says "She is unmarried and her parents are hurt and upset by the discovery".

It is all about what everyone else thinks.

It also points out that the parents, not her, have the final say in the matter if they are a minor. What happened to these young mothers right to an independent advocate? It is disgraceful.

You can bet that any mother who fights to keep her child will have the odds stacked against her. It is the baby scoop era all over again.

Those maternity homes are horrible places. The Salvation Army is famous for locking up mothers in their rooms for hours on end - it happened to a friend of mine.

I'm glad I don't live in North America anymore. In Europe, they help mothers to keep their children regardless of their age. All the young mothers in our village have kept their children and finished school.


Anonymous,  November 28, 2007 at 6:26 AM  

The girl does not have the option.

The CAS took my son into foster care straight from the hospital because an ex was abusing him there (he was not even the father).

Instead of arresting the ex, they took our son from me and his father.

They would not give him back - yet we did nothing wrong.

It would now appear that bribes were taken.

Anonymous,  November 28, 2007 at 7:12 AM  

I'm glad I re-read the citation and saw that this was from 1965; at first I thought this was a current article. I know bad enough things are happening today, but not quite like what's described in this article.

Ungrateful Little Bastard November 28, 2007 at 11:44 AM  

I've got a series of them I'm going to be posting. It's kind of a multiple purpose thing.

First off, because I think they are horrifying. Second, I think it helps to understand the foundation that today's corruption-with-a-smile industry was built on

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