Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Adoption Show - Sunday December 30, 2007


Sunday December 30, 2007
8:30 PM (EST)

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Margie Perscheid & Marsha Roberts

Margie Perscheid is the adoptive mother of two children, both of whom are Korean and are now teens. She has been active in the Korean adoption community in Washington, DC since 1989, when her first child joined her family. In 1996, she and a like-minded group of friends founded Korean Focus (, an organization for adoptive families with Korean children that offers educational and cultural programs and services to families in the DC area. Margie writes about her adoption experience and adoptive parenting on her blog Third Mom (, has written for several Korean American and adoption publications, and dreams of one day completing the compendium of writings of adoptive parents to their Korean children's first mothers that she's been working on forever. Margie is also an advocate for open records and family preservation.

Marsha Roberts is the mother of 5 children, 2 of whom are internationally adopted from China . She adopted her daughter Miaoxin at age 2 1/2 in 2006 and her son Qi at age 8 1/2 in the summer of 2007. She is the co-founder of a website called Informed Adoption Advocates at and her goal is to educate and inform adoptive and prospective adoptive parents about the many complex issues regarding international adoption. She is also an adoptee, having been adopted by her paternal grandparents at the age of 4. She met her mother again at age 18 and has been in reunion for 14 years. She is an advocate of open records, adoptee rights, first parent rights and pro-family preservation whenever possible.


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