Monday, March 24, 2008

Grinding Up Stones: the Asian Adoptee 'Zine

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*Grinding Up Stones: the Asian Adoptee 'Zine* is a resource guide (in the form of a 'zine with accompanying website) I am creating for teenage and adolescent Asian adoptees looking to learn more about adoptee culture. It will contain regional, national and international organizations, book reviews/reading guide, profiles of adoptees, as well as personal contributions in the forms of essays, poetry and art. I hope that this project will help young adoptees situate themselves within the adoptee community as well as give them language to talk about their experiences.

I also hope that this guide will help young adoptees see themselves as transracial adoptees and acknowledge that while there is a lot of weight that comes along with that identity, there is a rich community of people and support. This guide will encourage adoptees to express creatively their feelings on being adopted, as well as make them aware of the many opportunities for them to learn, both about their ethnic heritage and the adoptee community at large. I will answer questions young adoptees might have about visiting the homeland or getting involved in adoptee organizations, as well as dispel common myths about the adoptee experience from pop literature, etc.

*Grinding Up Stones* is a lyric from a Blue Scholars song entitled "No Rest for the Weary". I see this is relevant to the experiences of transracial adoptees in that there is a great fiction we are taught as adoptees about where we came from, who we are, how we feel and what we can become. As transracial adoptees, we must grind these stones "until they turn into dust" in order to develop our own consciousness and write our own story.

The purpose of this 'zine is first and foremost to provide young Asian adoptees with a language to describe and make sense of their experiences as racialized individuals, as well as introduce them to the larger adoptee community. However, it is also engaged in larger issues of race, class, gender, sexuality and ability, as well as the political situations that have fed the adoption industry, both within the US and in our countries of origin.

Grinding Up Stones is currently looking for contributors (essays, poetry, art, photography. ..basically anything that can be printed) as well as a web designer. Inquires can be sent to: strangerswomb [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

*Juli Jeong Martin* is an artist and activist. Currently a second-year student at Oberlin College majoring in Comparative American Studies, Juli is invested in creating this 'zine as a way to inspire and educate young adoptees. She has self-published a chapbook of poetry dealing largely with issues of transracial adoption entitled "a stranger's womb/and other exiles".

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