Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, June 21, 1968

I'm still here... just so busy with appointments my head is spinning. I'm trying to twitter or digg just to stay in the loop, but my inbox is steadily becoming unmanageable. I'm hoping in a week or so things will calm down a bit.

One of the things I unfortunately missed was this search announcement, for a Philly dude born on the solstice, who most likely doesn't know he's got a twin out there who would love to meet him. So happy belated birthday, whoever and wherever you are.

Are you --

- Adopted ?
- Born in Philadelphia ?
- Date of birth 6/21/68 ?
- Born approx 1:30am ?
- Male ?

If so, did you know you have a twin sister?

You do, and she's looking for you.

Her name is Fayth.

Happy belated birthday.

Please contact your sister.

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