Sunday, June 15, 2008

I miss you dad

My dad
Jan 26, 1930 - Jun 15, 1993

All these years later, it still hurts just as much.

Do you remember that time when I was 17, and we had that argument about automatic fuel injectors while you were trying to jump my car, and how you said there is no such thing and I said oh listen to the big trucking executive who doesn't know jack shit about the vehicles in his own industry so typical of the corporate mentality of the inner sanctum and you said Theresa what the hell are you talking about just gun the engine and I said I will not I don't want to ruin my new car when I turn the key gas goes in automatically and you said no it doesn't and I said yes it DOES!! and grabbed the manual from the glove box and shoved the automatic fuel injector page in your face and screamed read it or do you hire someone to read everything for you and you looked at me and just said trucks wouldn't have this, I think I know something about my own fleet?


You'd flip if you could see what cars do now.

Thank you for being such a nagging asshole about the 401(k) when I first started working at 18 and you said do the maximum and I said are you kidding if I do the maximum after taxes I won't have any money left over and you said if you don't like taxes vote republican and I said I'd pour gasoline over myself and light a match before I voted republican how can you not care about putting a crook in office and you said they're all crooks so what does it matter all I care about is my paycheck and I said oh yeah that's so typical you kill the environment with your pollution and only care about the bottom line and you said just wait you'll see and I said the toxic waste your industry puts out will be around for a million years and you said what do I care I won't be alive then and I said OH MY GOD I cannot believe you and you said Theresa will you just do the maximum and I said FINE! ALL RIGHT! and now when I open my statement each month I say All right! so you were right.

You went way too soon. It's not fair.

Edit to add: Mashable kindly requests if you do a bit about dads today, give them a link back to their dad post. I think Mashable is mighty cool so their wish is my command.

2 complaints from ingrates:

Anonymous,  June 15, 2008 at 10:20 PM  

Reminded me of many of my own rants at my dad during the same age range. Ah, teenagers. Is there anything they don't know?

My condolences on this anniversary. I can tell you miss him.

Anonymous,  June 16, 2008 at 9:05 AM  

I lost my dad 6.5 years ago. And yes your post sounds a lot like us during those gosh awful 20 something years. I still miss my dad, and writing a book that I should have written 20 years ago is helping. Thanks for reminding me here.

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