Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The BEST bookstore in the WORLD

Is the Farmingdale Borders

From their store site –

Step into Borders in Farmingdale on a Friday or Saturday evening, and it will appear that you've gone to a coffee house in a college town - and you have. We always have live music sweeping the store, from a local acoustic guitar player to an alternative pop band. We have a reputation for featuring top notch musicians and have become a destination for entertainment. Alison, our resident music expert, books aspiring musicians and authors to come showcase their talents. We're located near two major movie multiplexes so we're a great place to stop before or after the show. We have all the best-sellers, a wide array of magazines to browse and a young enthusiastic staff to show you where to find the books, films and music you're looking for.

Did you know that every Friday is BEAN FRIDAY at the Farmingdale Borders? That’s right! Buy a bag o’beans and receive a FREE medium drink.

Why so much love for the wonderful, the fabulous, the scrumpdillyicious Farmingdale Borders?

Because Saturday, November 8th is the 14th Annual RegDay, and the Long Island table will be held at none other than

Farmingdale Borders
231 Airport Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

I loved, loved, loved last year’s RegDay, but this year I’ve got to keep it closer to home. So – onto the next thing:


I need volunteers. Come for an hour, come for two, come for the whole day, but if you’re in or near Farmingdale, I could use the help!! Drop me an email if you can help, or leave me a voicemail at my GrandCentral account. Just click the button, punch in your phone number, and GrandCentral will call you!

Not lucky enough to live near the Farmingdale Borders? Sucks for you, but you can still help. The RegDay site list this year looks a little *cough*cough* sparse – so get jumping to organize a table of your own. Maybe you can have the gift of a coolio, generous, big-hearted, friendly Borders near you to host your own site. Here's some highlights from past years, courtesy of RegDay's Myspace page:

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