Friday, October 24, 2008

Philly Phridays #12: Adventure Aquarium

OK it’s not really in Philly, but just look on the map OK? It’s right across the bridge. Anyway it’s part of the Philly CityPass program therefore that makes it Philly-by-Proxy. Plus you get there by taking the Riverlink Ferry, so just forget it’s in Jersey totally. Adventure Aquarium is a Philly attraction.

With that out of the way, the Adventure Aquarium opened in 2005 after a large renovation. While it’s mainly a kid’s spot, there’s cool enough stuff in there to appeal to forever children as well.

They’ve got a beautiful ocean tank, a rain forest exhibit, penguins, seals, but the coolest of them all is the shark tunnel, which I think is worth the price of admission. One could even scuba with the sharks, if one were so inclined. This again is one of the pricier attractions at $19 if you don’t go with a CityPass, but I did want to cover some kids spots for those of you bringing children next year.

Sorry, but I’m cutting Philly Phriday short this week on account of bronchitis.

Next week: Philly Ghosts!

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