Thursday, December 25, 2008

Found Them!

Oh, I've been looking for so long

Items 860-092 and 860-008

The stuff of dreams


Real goatskin

Real lambswool

(Really appalling)

But I don't care, damnit.

The must-have Christmas gifts for the finest 1960's adoptees

The one,

The only

The FAO Schwartz Horse and Sulky

Image Hosted by


The FAO Schwartz Ice Cream Fountain

Ice Cream not included

Battery operated mixer. Freezer compartment for ice cream (sold separately). Working soda pump (sold separately) (that clogged and sprayed coke syrup all over but who cares - it's the thought that counts)

All this time, right next to each other on page 8.

You must must must check out this website, for the finest in dream-fulfilling toys and emotionally scarring clothing for dream fulfilling adoptees and real kids alike. Oh it's ephemera at it's best.


Merry XMas

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