Friday, January 02, 2009

Beautiful day in Maine

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Adoption Records Open Up
Shawn O'Neill gives back to his community by serving on the Old Orchard Beach town council. He's held a seat for 12-years. As we head into a new year, he's doing something for himself. He's finding answers to the many questions he has....

Maine adoptees get access to birth records
About 20 men and women, each raised by parents who adopted them, lined up outside a state office building this morning to get a first look at their original birth certificates.

Some choked back tears as they learned the names of their birth mothers, the places where they were born and, in some cases, the fact that they have siblings they've never met

"This is a pretty special day," said Paula Benoit of Phippsburg, an adoptee who proudly held her birth certificate for the first time. A former state senator, Benoit helped pass a new state law making birth records accessible to those adopted in Maine. The law took effect today, and 141 people had pre-registered to get their birth certificates....

Adoptees flood records office for certificates
AUGUSTA, Maine — Amid tears of joy at the state’s Vital Records office, scores of people who had been adopted as children got their long-awaited wish Friday to receive copies of their original birth certificates.

“It was a lovely moment to be a part of,” said Paula Benoit of Phippsburg, one of those who received her birth records under a law she was instrumental in getting passed while serving as a state senator. “It’s just been quite a day. People are so full of joy.”

Restrictions Lifted On Original Birth Certificates
It was a day of discovery as more than a dozen adoptees braved cold temperatures to be the first to get their original birth certificates under a new state law. They stood in line waiting for the doors to open at the Maine Office of Vital Statistics in Augusta. Once inside they secured the document, that up until now, could only be obtained under special circumstances through a court order.

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Mia January 2, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

No complaints here. What a great day for Maine!

Happy New Year Theresa! 09' is going to be better for us both. I just know it.

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