Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More relatives speak out

This case frustrates me beyond words. I mean, they all do, but this one just gets me. How can someone be missing for so long, and no one bats an eye?

These stories shock me out of my comfort zone and send me spinning. It makes me wonder if one of the Herrman's biological children suddenly disappeared, would no one think to ask about them, or try to find them? How can family members just disappear? We had a close family member go into rehab. There wasn't a person in the family who didn't know how he was doing and exactly where he was at all times.

And his name is bothering me too. Really. His name is Irvin Groeninger. He was two years old when he was adopted. How do you change the name of a two year old? How does anyone feel that's OK? For a two year old who just lost his entire world, can't he even keep his own name?

Relatives say missing boy was abused
On Super Bowl Sunday in 1999, the year Adam Herrman went missing but no one reported it, one of his aunts says she saw the 11-year-old chained to a bathtub faucet at his Towanda mobile home.

It looked like he had handcuffs on, said his aunt, Kim Winslow. Winslow, now 48, said it was the last time she saw Adam.

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Biological father of Kansas boy missing since 1999 anguishes over loss
The biological father of a Kansas boy missing for 10 years from the home of his adoptive parents says officials unjustly terminated his parental rights.

Irvin Groeninger II is the boy’s biological father. The Indiana truck driver says he last saw his son when the boy was 18 months old.

He was divorced when the child was removed from the biological mother’s home because of alleged abuse. He says he was cleared of any wrongdoing and tried to get the boy back.

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Third Mom January 6, 2009 at 8:28 AM  

You simply can't wrap your head around it.

You know, it strikes me as so incredibly odd that no one in that family did anything to protect that little boy. I mean, if I saw my brothers or sisters-in-law doing anything described in this article to my nieces or nephews, I'd be all over them, and you bet I'd go to the authorities. My 85-year-old Mom would be right there with me, too. How does an aunt see a child HANDCUFFED TO A FAUCET and do NOTHING?


Harmonygirl January 6, 2009 at 8:55 AM  

How did these people ever get approved to be foster parents or adopt? How could a judge approve the name change of a 2 year old? But they do it all the time I am afraid. I just wrote about this as being crazy a few weeks ago thinking about my cousin who was adopted over 40 years ago at the age of 18 months. People just don't understand that a child is a person. With feelings. They forget their own childhood I suppose. My little adopted cousin, with his name changed from Sean to Clay, cried all night and climbed out of his crib wanting to get in bed with his adoptive parents. This concerned them - they thought an 18 month old should sleep in his own bed through the night! They just thought they could plop this little boy into their lives and he would be their own 18 month old. Presto chango. Their peidatrician told them to put a net over his crib and lock the door. They listened. They did what the doctor told them to do. They were not mean people at all, just idiots. I ramble. This present case has just connected with me in so many ways. The ball was dropped so many times by so many people from authorities to relatives. Sleeping in the bathtub and people let it go on. Irwin, you will be in my heart forever. And Sean, you are still in mine.

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