Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some perspective on the Ontario vetoes

Via LookingInOntario, reposted with permission:

Canada Statistics doesn't hold any numbers for adoptions
(no surprise there) but from old articles that I have, it is
estimated that there have been approx. a quarter of a million
domestic adoptions in Ontario.

Although 921 out of 250,000 is not high, it is still a significant
number (and sad for adoptees who will not be allowed any personal
information whatsoever).

This works out to less than 1 percent of the total adoptions in
Ontario. I hope that some will take some comfort in that.

That 0.4 percent is still much lower overall when compared to some
other places where it is much higher.

*For example, British Columbia has had a total of 70,000 adoptions
but there were 3,000 vetoes applied for back in 1996 to 1998 when
they started opening their records. That represents 4.29 percent -
that is much higher than Ontario.

*stats from

It would be interesting to see what the breakdown is but I have not
seen any so far.

However, the numbers from British Columbia could give a clue to that
(the stats are from the above link mentioned earlier).

Disclosure Vetoes for BC as percentages and breakdown

Bio mothers - 75 percent
Bio fathers - 2 percent
Adoptees - 23 percent

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