Sunday, January 18, 2009

What I’m wearing

Alright I lied. I’m not wearing it right now. But I will be soon, because I just ordered it. And I’ll be wearing it a lot, because a really cheap no contract required gym just opened up 2 blocks away, and damn I need to lose some weight.

And I’ll be wearing this too:

Because it’s freaking freezing outside.

Yes, the beautiful Dory has the revised CafePress shop up online, and I hope you’ll take a visit, and buy an item or two or three or twenty.

And because I do love you so, here’s $5.00 towards your purchase: BECALMTORSO

I didn’t make that coupon code up by the way. It just came that way. Like a disturbing captcha. I don’t know if it means CafePress wants your torso to be calm, or if they are urging you to be calm to an organization called RSO, honestly I don’t. But just take my $5 and be grateful already. And I’ll be grateful if you use it.

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