Saturday, February 07, 2009

Two questions about attachment therapy

Question number one, for anyone who doesn't know:

Q: What is attachment therapy?
A: Attachment therapy (widely known as "holding therapy," "rage-reduction" or "dyadic developmental therapy") is a torturous and entirely unscientific practice that preys on orphans, adoptees, foster kids and children who already have a history of abuse.

Attachment therapy techniques rely on forceful physical coercion and restraint, non-consensual touching, verbal abuse, intimidation, humiliation, enforced eye contact and punishments related to food, water and air intake. It is rejected by the mainstream psychiatric community as "harmful pseudoscience," yet the practice continues to this day in the US and other countries around the world.

As predicted, the 'therapy' videos were removed from YouTube. You can now find them here:

Messed up, right? Of course.

Now question #2, paraphrased with permission:

If countless people got upset because the Church of Scientology removed ONE video off YouTube, what do you make over an abusive quack who shuts down websites of child advocate groups who oppose abuse and aid adoptees and foster kids?

1 complaints from ingrates:

Other Mother February 8, 2009 at 7:52 PM  

as a former foster child, i know first hand some of the downright harmful and abusive tactics and 'therapies' that are forced onto children and youth. It irks me to no end to constantly be seeing websites shut down and videos removed about something as important as vulnerable children. They hide behind confidentiality for the sake of the childrens privacy, but it is this very 'protection' that is disabling and killing too many kids.either now or when they reach adulthood.the censorship and removal of these stories screams for public attention and REFORM.

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