Saturday, March 14, 2009

I didn't hear Miss Kitty

But Joy says she was on the radio too. I think I wasn't paying attention. I was so nervous my hands were shaking and my knees were a-knocking. They actually still are.

Yeah we did teh interwebnets radio with the ever so professional Michelle Edmunds and the incredibly skilled and quite handsome if I say so myself Thad Pedro producing.

I had to take multiple restroom breaks because I had a sore throat again today and drank way too much tea to try not to sound like I was doing a bad Demi Moore impersonation. She's not planning on adopting, by the way, did you hear that? The National Inquirer said her young man ain't stayin' home as much as she'd like, and there's nothing better for a troubled relationship than another woman's baby. But she says they're full of crap.

Anyway, The Adoption Show. You know I'll do the usual formal announcement but this is the fun one, the behind the scenes one, the real dirt one.

Here's the real deal on The Adoption Show:

It's a boatload of fun.

Oh wow, to talk about adoption, adoption, adoption, adoption, with great people and great pets, even if I did zone out when Miss Kitty was talking. My animals weren't on the show, but they did listen and provide feedback. My cats said I sounded like nails on a chalkboard wielded by a crack addict, and my dog said I sounded angelic, but he's really in adopto-fog so I take the words of my cats over his. They have no adoption gratitude whatsoever and could care less that I rescued them from the shelter.

We talked about the Protest and we talked about Philly and we talked about New Orleans and we gave all sorts of shouts outs and dedications to all sorts of beautiful people - but guess who we missed!? Only the two most important people behind the Show - Michelle and Thad themselves!

So here's a dedication to Michelle and Thad - sending out very special adoptee Run-D.M.C with Radio Station

Radio Station - Run-D.M.C.

3 complaints from ingrates:

Unknown March 15, 2009 at 1:15 PM  

but you saw the pictures right?

I agree with your dog btw

Being Me March 17, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

It was a treat to hear your sweet voice Teresa. The sound behind the great Philly PR machine! Your cats are nuts.

Ungrateful Little Bastard March 17, 2009 at 8:41 PM  

Oh yes Joy, I saw the pictures loud and clear :)

And thank you. The best thing about it is, I can double as a drinking game. Every time I say 'absolutely', take a drink. Every time I say 'great', finish your beer. You'll be on the floor in no time.

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