Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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If you're coming here from the comments in this fantastic article, (and thank you, whoever linked me) welcome.

If you've never heard about adoptee rights before, here's a little info for you.

Adult adoptees in most states are denied access to their own birth certificates.

If you want your birth certificate, all you need to is go online or visit your local vital records off and pay a small fee. No one asks you why you want it, how ridiculous would that be?

If you're an adoptee who lives in a restricted access state, it becomes a little more complicated. You need to petition a court and offer yourself up to the luck gods that you have a judge in your county seat who views you as an adult. Sometimes you need to subject yourself to court-mandated counseling to prove you're emotionally stable enough to have this forbidden piece of paper. Some places you need to hire a lawyer, other places you can petition yourself. Sometimes you need the permission of your adoptive parents, no matter how old you are.

Always, it costs a lot more than a Vital Records copying fee. Me, I've spent thousands so far. With nary a birth certificate to show for it.

And always, always, always, are you told, unasked, to be grateful you weren't aborted.

Be grateful you weren't thrown in a dumpster.

You do know who your real parents are, right, the ones who raised you?

So that's a little what this site is about.

Thanks for dropping by, I'm glad you're here. Check out the links on both sides, there's good stuff and good people there.

By the way, on your way out the door, we're having a little party in Philadelphia this July.

Because we think the system sucks.

You're more than welcome to come. We the illegitimate know how to throw one hell of a shindig, and we don't discriminate against the non-adopted.

And we'd love it if you'd join us.

So check us out:

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