Wednesday, April 08, 2009

'I'm Legit' - DMC & Zara Phillips

The song 'I'm Legit' has been written to raise awareness about the situation of closed birth records in the U.S. What I mean is the lack of rights that an adult adopted person has to have access to their own original birth certificate.

Both Darryl and I are adopted.I was adopted in the U.K where the records were opened in 1976,which meant that I could gain access to my original birth certificate and find out my birthmother's name.

Darryl does not have that right in fact their are only eight states that allow access, including Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee and, most recently, Maine. In New Jersey people have been trying for 29 years to change the law. Adopted people who just want to know their birth name find out family history,medical history

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