Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunshine the Movie

And even more adoption on TV...

Coming this spring on PBS's INDEPENDENT LENS:

An unplanned pregnancy for an unplanned girl sets off SUNSHINE, a playful, yet ultimately stirring self-portrait of an adopted woman driven to search for answers through reconnection with her biological mother. Young, pregnant, single and unprepared, the daughter/director struggles with the incredible ironies of the family—that history somehow repeated itself—as she struggles to raise her own daughter and understand the plight of her biological mother, a small town Texas mayors daughter who gave birth to her secretly, in a home for unwed mothers.

Mother and daughter wrestle with tough questions and raw emotions over a fading social landscape that nevertheless continues to haunt them. Woven together from over 10 years of super 8 and video home movies, intimate family interviews, shimmering dance sequences and stylized reenactments, SUNSHINE offers a refreshingly rare glimpse on the current day transformations taking place within our most sacred of institutions, family.

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