Friday, June 27, 2008

Because it's just too damn expensive to Meetup in the city

Any Long Island adoptees out there want to join up?


Thursday, June 26, 2008

New adoption vlogger

Please watch and subscribe:


NBC Reality Series "Baby Borrowers" Damaging to Kids

As if the MTV / NCFA Real Life adoption show wasn't tacky enough, check this story I found on digg today. This is so frightening - to willingly subject infants to separation for the sake of ratings. I've been so out of the loop I don't know if anyone has been blogging about this already. I hadn't ever heard of this show. Did anyone see this? Please read and digg. This is so disturbing.

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Here's a second story on digg I found:

Would You Give Your Baby to Reality TV? — "The Baby Borrowers", TV's latest life's-a-joke assault on the boundaries of bad taste: Who in heaven's name would lend their infant out as a reality-show challenge?

You know what's really interesting though....

People are (rightfully) so outraged by this, by the damage it causes.

Would they be as outraged over the damage caused by separating a newborn from his or her mother when adoption comes into the picture? I guess I could hope...


The Adoptee Rights Demonstration Press Release

Press Release for the Adoptee Rights Demonstration! Please digg if you are so inclined.

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Happy Belated Birthday, June 21, 1968

I'm still here... just so busy with appointments my head is spinning. I'm trying to twitter or digg just to stay in the loop, but my inbox is steadily becoming unmanageable. I'm hoping in a week or so things will calm down a bit.

One of the things I unfortunately missed was this search announcement, for a Philly dude born on the solstice, who most likely doesn't know he's got a twin out there who would love to meet him. So happy belated birthday, whoever and wherever you are.

Are you --

- Adopted ?
- Born in Philadelphia ?
- Date of birth 6/21/68 ?
- Born approx 1:30am ?
- Male ?

If so, did you know you have a twin sister?

You do, and she's looking for you.

Her name is Fayth.

Happy belated birthday.

Please contact your sister.


Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20th Update for the Adoptee Rights Demonstration!


The protest is fast approaching and we have some new updates for the protesters that will be joining us in New Orleans this July 22, 2008.

We need 2-3 monitors at the protest to help keep marchers on the sidewalk and off the street and to keep protesters moving around while outside the convention centre.

We need about 10 volunteers to help make posters/signs on Monday July 21, 2008 at the St. Christopher Best Western (protest’s main hotel) from 6-8 pm. If you can join us with these positions, please contact Kali

Monday July 21, 2008 all protesters are invited to meet in the bar/lounge of the St. Christopher Best Western at 8:30 pm for a protest orientation and to gain a sense of unity going into the following day.

If you are joining us in New Orleans, we still have rooms to fill for our block of 40 at the St. Christopher Best Western and our block due date is June 22, 2008. So please book your hotel reservations ASAP by calling calling 1-800 645-9312 and requesting the group Adoptee-Rights Demonstration.

If anyone has any media contacts please let us know as we will be sending out a press release and public announcement at the beginning of July as well as launching a blogger blitz.

Also, we’re still calling out for confirmation of people attending the protest, so if you haven’t confirmed your attendance with anyone yet, please do so at

Since it is getting close to the protest (one month and 4 days to go!) I thought it would be cool to provide everyone with a visual on our lodging, protest start location (La Fayette Square) and route to our destination (State Legislators Conference at the Ernest Morial Convention Centre!)

This is the route we\'ll be taking from Lafayette Square to Ernest Morial convention center

We hope to see everyone there and if you have any questions please shout them out to the NOLA list or to Kali at

In Solidarity

The Adoptee Rights Committee


Thursday, June 19, 2008

What happened Tuesday

Errrrr, Ma?


Someone pissed in my car.


Someone pissed in my car.

How do you know that?

Because when I opened my door there is a puddle of liquid on the floor mat and it smells like the men's room at Penn Station.

Animals in this town.

I hear that.

You gotta keep your car locked if you park it on the street. Some kids walking by probably thought that was really funny.

I know I know. It was locked.

Both doors.

They were.

What about the hatch?

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

I'm running to AutoZone to get some rug shampoo. I'm taking your car, mine stinks.

OK - Would you run the to the ATM for me while you're out?


And pick up some soy sauce, I'll make that veggie chicken teriyaki tonight.

Cool yeah, I'll be back in a half hour

-- 45 minutes later, I'm wondering why the police department is calling me --
-- I knew he was running a little late, but really --
-- What 18 year old can run into AutoZone and just look at rug cleaner? --

On his way back, someone ran a red light.

We're very lucky. A few broken bones, a few sprains and strains, and a few burns from the airbag. All I keep thinking is, if I hadn't asked him to run those errands for me, none of this would have happened. He would have been home already when someone was in too much of a hurry to stop.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

I miss you dad

My dad
Jan 26, 1930 - Jun 15, 1993

All these years later, it still hurts just as much.

Do you remember that time when I was 17, and we had that argument about automatic fuel injectors while you were trying to jump my car, and how you said there is no such thing and I said oh listen to the big trucking executive who doesn't know jack shit about the vehicles in his own industry so typical of the corporate mentality of the inner sanctum and you said Theresa what the hell are you talking about just gun the engine and I said I will not I don't want to ruin my new car when I turn the key gas goes in automatically and you said no it doesn't and I said yes it DOES!! and grabbed the manual from the glove box and shoved the automatic fuel injector page in your face and screamed read it or do you hire someone to read everything for you and you looked at me and just said trucks wouldn't have this, I think I know something about my own fleet?


You'd flip if you could see what cars do now.

Thank you for being such a nagging asshole about the 401(k) when I first started working at 18 and you said do the maximum and I said are you kidding if I do the maximum after taxes I won't have any money left over and you said if you don't like taxes vote republican and I said I'd pour gasoline over myself and light a match before I voted republican how can you not care about putting a crook in office and you said they're all crooks so what does it matter all I care about is my paycheck and I said oh yeah that's so typical you kill the environment with your pollution and only care about the bottom line and you said just wait you'll see and I said the toxic waste your industry puts out will be around for a million years and you said what do I care I won't be alive then and I said OH MY GOD I cannot believe you and you said Theresa will you just do the maximum and I said FINE! ALL RIGHT! and now when I open my statement each month I say All right! so you were right.

You went way too soon. It's not fair.

Edit to add: Mashable kindly requests if you do a bit about dads today, give them a link back to their dad post. I think Mashable is mighty cool so their wish is my command.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Ancestry Newspaper Collection FREE Through June 19

Via GenealogyBlog comes the announcement that's newspaper collection will be free through June 19th. The collection comes from This is a great resource, so definitely take advantage of it while it's available.


Trophy Kid by Steve Atinsky

I don't think I've ever pre-ordered a kid's book at Amazon before, but when I saw this:

I just had to. Check out the description:

THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD Joe is the ultimate trophy kid. His adoptive parents are Hollywood’s favorite power couple, Academy Award–winning actress Greta Powell and actor/director/political candidate Robert Francis. Life with them has been one big photo-op since Joe became a war orphan at the ripe old age of three. And what better way for Greta and Robert to celebrate how far Joe’s come—and how much they’ve helped him—than for Joe to describe his experiences in a moving autobiography?

Of course, Greta and Robert don’t actually intend for Joe to write the book himself. Or for him to include any unflattering details about them. That’s why they’ve hired an experienced professional for the job. But Tom Dolan is no ordinary writer, and he’s determined to help Joe tell the real story of growing up with the two most famous celebrities in America. Even if it means going back to Joe’s homeland, with his image-conscious parents in tow. . . .


Trophy Kid: Or How I Was Adopted by the Rich & Famous will be released August, 2008.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please visit Suz. It's really important

Seriously. Please. It's really important. The NCFA will tell MTV they'll get a few complaints from a small but vocal minority. They'll tell them we're disturbed and do not reflect the reality of adoption. They'll tell them to pay us no mind.

So please, make sure there are a lot of us they have to make a conscious decision to pay no mind to.

Your voice is really important. Because you've been there.

Email: or call 718-422-0705.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Lodging and Transportation for the Demonstration


The official hotel of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration is the Best Western St. Christopher Hotel, located within walking distance of the protest location. The rooms are $74.00 per night. If you are planning on attending, please make your reservation now.

While it would be great to have everyone in the same hotel, it is recognized that this does not fit all budgets. Here are some alternate lodgings you may wish to consider:

Hotels – based on availability, you may be able to find a room at the Best Western for less than the quoted price of $74.00 per night. lists the price right now at $72.50 per night. They also list 43 other hotels with price ranges of $48.00 to $75.00, so shop around, but be sure to read reviews as well to get an idea of what the hotel is like.

Hostels – there are also two hostels in the area, listed below. You can read reviews of these and other hostels here:

India House Backpackers Hostel - $17.00 - $45.00 per night

Marquette House - New Orleans Hostel - $16.00 - $50.00 per night

Just about a 30 minute drive away is Bayou Segnette Campgrounds - $18.00 per night

Transportation from airport to area hotels:

The Best Western has no official hotel shuttle service, however transportation options are as follows:

Taxicabs: A cab ride costs approximately $28.00 from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) for one or two persons and $12.00 (per passenger) for three or more passengers. Pick-up is on the lower level, outside the baggage claim area. There may be an additional charge for extra baggage. $1 fuel surcharge added to total fare.

Airport Shuttle: Shuttle service is available from the airport to the hotels in the CBD for $15.00 (per person, one-way) or $30.00 (per person, round-trip). Three bags per person. Call 1-866-596-2699 or (504) 522-3500 for more details or to make a reservation. Ticket booths are located on the lower level in the baggage claim area. Reservations can also be made online at


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Media Bias In Adoption Reporting

Something I often vent about after wading through adoption news stories. This detailed and well-written post breaks it down far better than I could. Please take a look.

read more | digg story


Friday, June 06, 2008

Writing Campaign Announcement


Have you ever wanted to help out with the Open Records movement, but weren’t sure how to get involved? Maybe you’re not able to make it to the protest, or better yet, maybe you’re joining us and still want to help out?

This is your opportunity to get involved!

Every Friday(7 in total) from now until the protest (July 22, 2008) protesters, and supporters of adoptees and our civil rights, will be sending letters to their state representatives. Our mission is to inform the legislators about the issues surrounding Adoptee Rights and unconditional access to our records as well as informing them of our appearance in New Orleans this July. Join us!

This July 23-25th 2008 the Adoptee Rights Committee will be in Exhibitors booth #246 at the Annual State Legislatures Convention where thousands of your State Representatives are expected. By participating in this campaign you are helping “our cause” reach the legislators before we meet during the convention. When we approach them for their positions and possible support for unconditional open records, they will have a better understanding of what we’re talking about.

This is your opportunity to help the movement educate the people who have the power to unseal our records. We may have 5 minutes with someone, who if given the correct material through our writing campaign, would support a clean open records bill in your state.

If you’ve never written a letter to your state legislator, now is the perfect opportunity to get started! A draft letter as well as other important information has been put together here: “WRITING CAMPAIGN,” for all participants.

We’re asking volunteers to come together and participate in this letter-writing campaign over the next 6 weeks leading up to the protest.

5 minutes a day, one day a week and the cost of a stamp is all it takes.

Joining in on our mailing list is a fabulous way to ask questions, get tips and assistance during the campaign as well as meet the other protesters and writing campaign participants.

We hope to see you there!


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Update


Hello everyone!

July 22nd is fast approaching! Here is the update for the Adoptee Rights Day demonstration in New Orleans. We will be posting frequent updates so folks will be in the loop with schedules and what the plan of action is for the next two months, and while in New Orleans attending the demonstration and Exhibitors Booth.

New Orleans demonstration updates:

The permit for Lafayette Square has been paid for and is in our possession.

The demonstration and march will be held Tuesday July 22nd beginning at 9:00 am (more details soon).

The Exhibitors Booth has been paid for and the Adoptee Rights Committee will be in booth #246 on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday following the demonstration.

We have received over $3000 in donations! Thanks to everyone for supporting ARD. Our goal for a full page ad in the print version of the New Orleans Times-Picayune listing adult adoptees and their friends and family who support adoptee rights is still in progress, if you haven’t done so already add your name to the list!

To add your name and/or supporting ARD go here: DONATE TODAY!

A writing campaign to Legislators starts on Friday June 6th (information and instructions will be available on the evening of the 5th).

We are asking for volunteers to assist the organizers while at the event, if you can help us out in New Orleans please let us know.

If you haven’t done so already hop on over to our mailing list where you can get immediate updates about our Writing Campaign starting tomorrow Friday June 6th, as well as interaction with all of the other protesters and supporters of Open Records and the Demonstration.

***We regret to inform people that Bastard Nation is no longer one of the Adoptee Rights Day sponsors. We wish them well and thank them for their efforts thus far. **

The days are counting down and the time is near, so much work is coming together and it couldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you.

For any questions about the demonstration, please contact


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Congratulations Zara! Roots Unknown: A Film About Adoption

Official Selection
Montclair International Film Festival

3 Screenings

Thursday, June 12th, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM
Friday June 13th from 12:00 to 2:00 PM
Sunday, June 15th from 2:30 to 4:30 PM

Screenings at:

695 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042

Tickets and more information:

Roots:Unknown is a 30-minute documentary examining the lifelong impact of adoption. This educational and informative film will focus on the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptee and their families.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trouble with passports, social security, driver's license, etc?

Via my inbox...

Permission granted to forward this message to other adoption related groups and individuals.

I am trying to compile some examples and statistics of adoptees that have had trouble with obtaining a passport, driver license, or other government issued license, permit, etc., in the post 9/11 era. The trouble in obtaining this has to be related to having an amended birth certificate. As many of us know, the adoptee's amended birth certificate may look incomplete.

If you have had a personal experience of trouble obtaining a passport, or other government issued ID or license due to your amended birth certificate, I would like to hear from you.

Please include the following:

1. What you applied for. (passport, driver license, professional license, etc)
2. What government agency (State Dept, DMV, etc.)
3. City and State this happened in
4. Reason you were denied
5. What did you need to do to resolve the issue?
6. Your name, City and State of residence.

Please email me at


Please visit beautiful Beth's beautiful Grandmother

It's Really Me: This is My Grandmother

It's really important. Thank you.



Bo Diddley
December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008


Monday, June 02, 2008

What happens when you arrange a marriage between your adoptive dad and your non-adoptive cousin who you adopted as your daughter?

I'm still too depressed to come up with a funny punchline.

But reading the case made me laugh though. Which I needed.

You've got to read this one to believe it.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Southern quadrant, second spiral

Now departing.

Deeply missed.

PS - The answer, I hope, is yes.

Edit: Via Amy, a candle bank


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