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Non-American - the adoptee deportation machine rolls on

Kairi Shepherd, adopted from India when she was 3 months old, is the latest adoptee caught in the deportation trap.

As I mentioned in my last post, these deportation stories tear the facade off the happy happy joy joy of international adoption, and show the ugly hatred towards those ungrateful adult adoptees - especially the racism directed towards those who aren't a whiter shade of pale. They sure love 'em when they're small and grateful and YouTube-able.

If only adoptees self-destructed at age 18, everyone would be so happy.

The comments on the last news story got uglier too:

You need to learn to read. The idiot burglarized his own home. Why the rant about the police? His father called the police. The kid is a loser. The father is probably secretly happy the little thug has been deported and saved the father untold future grief. As inteconlaw discusses above, the law was followed correctly. Under the applicable law, permanent residents that become felons are deportable. The is no reason for sympathy for someone who has shown no responsibility. This is an adult paying the price for their own poor choices.

Typical whining criminal. They will steal from anyone, including their own family. Then when they get caught. It was someone elses fault. It's an out of control government I tell ya...

Stamp this guy return to sender.

But of course the grand prize, you-weren't-grateful-enough bonanza goes to:

It's gone now... let me tell you something Jesse; you did not appreciate the opportunity that was given to you at such an early age, how many people would die to have been in your shoes with the opportunity of becoming a U.S. Citizen. You screwed up and as "inteconlaw" points it out the law was followed as it was written. You made your own bad choices now you are the one that will pay as the old saying goes, "for each action there is a reaction". Mi Amigo, you brought it upon yourself, stealing from the hand that fed you... No words can describe you...

The bright side is that now you will learn a new language, "mucha suerte compadre".

I remember reading an article recently where some clueless adoptive dad was spouting how he's sure his newly adopted toddler will never experience racism in her life.

Yep, as long as she never leaves the house.

Kairi's story also is one of those 'adoptees and pets in one sentence', starting off by her world saving adoptive mother taking in eight children and countless pets. She lost all her important adoption papers though because the sooper dooper secure safe place she had for them - 2 tote bags in her car - were stolen.

Kairi, who has multiple sclerosis, hasn't been getting her needed medication on a regular basis while a guest of Homeland Security. In addition to forgery charges, she faces additional trouble with probation for being so ungrateful as to not take the time to notify her probation officer when she was held by the Immigration police.

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3 complaints from ingrates:

Eve July 28, 2008 at 1:45 AM  

This latest story about Kairi is terrible. I notice in the news story that they call her motherland a country she "never knew." Doesn't that say it all? Never mind the generations of ancestors who came before her, and the land that nurtured them and her before she was ever adopted.

And what about that adoption? What kind of adoption agency thinks it's OK to place eight children with a single mother who keeps her important documents in tote bags in the car? Was there no home study? No research into the plan this adoptive mother had for the care of her children before she was allowed to adopt?

I've been harping on needed changes in our adoption system for years in terms of case work and have never seen a significant change in practices that are even as sensible as, for instance, child custody arrangements in American divorces! If we can do it for children of divorce, can't we do it for adopted children?

The deportation of adoptees who never had a chance to be naturalized due to adoptive parent and/or agency fault is scandalous. Who can we write?

Ungrateful Little Bastard July 28, 2008 at 10:09 PM  

I had written to the reporter who wrote this story. She suggested letters to Immigration or Homeland Security but in this whacky post-911 atmosphere we're pretty powerless against them. She also suggested writing to congress about this. I'm just feeling a lot of despair about this. Not just Kairi in general, but about the entire idea of deporting people who were adopted August 13, 2008 at 3:58 PM  

Suggestion: Target the members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption:
These legislators profess support for adoption, and in my opinion should take action to pass the necessary amendments to the CCA to make citizenship retroactive for all transnational adoptees, and to reverse the deportations that have taken place or are pending.

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