Tuesday, September 09, 2008

23andMe Lowers Price

Via The Genetic Genealogist this morning comes the announcement that 23andMe is lowering the cost from $999 to $399, and also partnering with Ancestry.com

This is great news for DNA nerds and/or I-don't-have-all-of-my-freaking-medical-history-thanks-for-nothing-mom ingrates like me who found the $1K pricetag unfeasible.

$399 still isn't pocket change, but it brings access a little closer to home. Also, truth be told, if their Odds Calculator shows I have a lower than average risk of colon cancer, I can put off another colonoscopy for the next 5 years.

$399 to avoid unnecessary medical sodomy for five years?

I'll take it.

Bonus time is right around the corner and I am so signing up.

There's a fun demo account you can try at the site to see what it offers.

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