Friday, October 31, 2008

Philly Phridays #13: Ghost Tours!

Allrighty then, you got two choices for your paranormal pleasure next July:

Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tours

Spirits of ’76 is allegedly more touristy and kid friendly, while…

Haunted Philly

is a bit on the spookier side.

Also, keep an eye on the Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance as time grows closer. They offer events from time to time that are supposed to be almost a frightening as being adopted. Almost.

With that, I'm going to bid you adieu. I know I've been slacking majorly on these Philly Phridays, but next week is RegDay, and I've got much to do and little time to do it.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

More RegDay love to 1050AM ESPN Sports Radio

Sending thanks for the RegDay promo!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frightening Tales

Scary tales around the blogsphere today:

First, why is it that after blogging since February, A Search for Survivors has been found by only 4? This number disturbs me greatly, because we know they're out there. They're grown up. They're free of their tormentors and their adoptive or foster parents who were supposed to protect them. But where are they?

Anyway be sure to check out the adoption ephemera. You know, we haven't come very far at all.

Also, check out this horror story:

Adoptee Denied Driver's License in Florida

This story of adoptee unreality pissed me off so much I spent a good chunk of time venting about it in therapy this morning. Please be sure to read the comments where Chynna talks about the aftermath of her ordeal.

Adoption never ends - never.

Chynna asks: "How much humiliation, heartache and life intruding moments do I have to have to make states realize, "Just grant me the right to request my OBC already". How much?"

Why is still this happening, and why doesn't anyone care?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First ever class action lawsuit filed by sperm donor offspring in Canada

Via Lindsay at Confessions of a Cryokid comes this news release:

First ever class action lawsuit filed by sperm donor offspring in Canada
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 28, 2008)



A class action lawsuit was filed on October 24, 2008, by Olivia Pratten, the representative plaintiff, on behalf of all people in the province of BC conceived via anonymous sperm, egg and embryo donation or what is called “gamete donation”. It is believed to be the first time a case of this sort has been brought forward by donor offspring in Canada. The lawsuit is against the Attorney General of British Columbia and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

Today the British Columbia Supreme Court issued an injunction which orders all persons who have records of gamete donation not to destroy such records or redact them or transfer them out of the Province pending a further hearing in the Supreme Court, at which time Ms. Pratten on behalf of the class will seek a more permanent injunction to be in force until the trial of this lawsuit is heard and decided. For further details of this injunction the public is urged to refer to

The lawsuit claims that the present law discriminates against persons who were conceived as a result of gamete donation. By contrast, adopted children have, by law, certain legal rights and opportunities to know about their biological parents that children conceived by way of gamete donation simply do not enjoy. The lawsuit is based on the guarantees of equality and security of the person in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The lawsuit seeks the immediate and ultimately the permanent protection and preservation of all files related to the practice of gamete donation in the province of British Columbia. Currently all information from health to identifying information about the gamete donor, can be destroyed at whim by the practicing physician after six years. One woman included in the suit already had her files destroyed.

“Farmers have kept better records on the artificial insemination of cattle than the physicians in BC have kept on people like myself,” said Pratten, now 26 years old.

In 2001, she was told that her biological father was healthy and that a “verbal medical check had been done.” The physician, Dr. Korn, gave the minimal information of height, weight and hair color on a piece of hotel stationery.

“The issue of protecting the files and having my right to access their full and complete information is one of principle to me. I’m tired of having to explain or defend my desire and my right to know this information,” said Pratten.

Olivia, along with others in the suit, have attempted to gain information and access of vital health information from various physicians in BC who practiced donor insemination. No one has managed to obtain information and many have been told that the files are destroyed or will be destroyed if further action was taken.

“It is completely unacceptable, if not outrageous, that the medical establishment threatens to destroy medical files,” said Pratten.

In 2004, she was told by the Deputy Registrar of Ethics at the College that her health files could be “shredded and incinerated” after six years from the last medical contact with the patient. In this case, the patient was not Olivia, but her mother Shirley, who received the inseminations.

Ms. Pratten expects a positive response from at least some of the men who were sperm donors at Dr. Korn’s clinic. One such donor is Dwight Jones at Dr. Korn’s clinic during the 1970s and 1980s who said, “It’s our obligation to the offspring, and the perception that most donors are seeking anonymity is not correct and certainly no reason to withhold their content decades later.”

“Every Canadian adult has the right to truthful information about his or her origins. We all need to know who we are and where we come from. It does not matter whether we are adopted or conceived by gamete donation; we all have the right to this information. The Adoption Council of Canada supports the right of all adults conceived by gamete donation to truthful information about their origins,” said Wendy Rowney, vice‑president of the Adoption Council of Canada.

“Our clients seek information that might be said to be of the most basic and fundamental to the human condition. Knowing about one’s biological origin and thus their biological parent’s medical history, may be vital to our client’s present and future health. Nor is it any longer beyond the realm of the probable that this information may be needed to ensure that they do not inadvertently marry one of their siblings. But perhaps, most important, is that knowing about one’s ancestry, one’s very roots, is central to a person’s self‑ identity,” says Joseph Arvay, who with Sean Hern, is counsel for Ms. Pratten and the class once the action is certified as a class proceeding.

On October 28, 2008, Chief Justice Donald Brenner of the British Columbia Supreme Court issued an injunction directed to all persons in BC, whether medical personnel or otherwise, preventing the destruction or transfer of any records that have been created or maintained by persons who administered artificial insemination. For the exact terms see

For Media Inquiries and Contact Information for Interviews, please call Olivia Pratten at 1.646.300.5068, or by email at

Or contact Joseph Arvay, Q.C. at 604.689.4421


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Original Parthenogenesis Certificate

It dawned on me last night that I totally missed Send $10 to Pennsylvania day.

I think it was probably a subconscious voluntary forgetting, truth be told.

Because now Mom knows about the existence of the Pennsylvania Mommy-May-I Birth Certificate and Reunion Registry.

And Mom was respectfully requested to send her Mommy-Says-You-May permission slip so that I could have it.

However Mom blatantly did not address this when she pointedly asked me not to write to her again.

Which leaves me curiously wondering if she sent in her form.

There's only one way to find out, and that's to resentfully send $10 to Pennsylvania, even though I've missed my unofficial anniversary.

It used to be an anniversary of seeing if anyone wanted to reunite with me. Now that I know that no one does, it's become my only means of getting my OBC. The registry serves two purposes - one is reunion, the other is OBC access.

What information is received if both biological parents have filed Parent Registration Identification Forms?

The Division of Vital Records will release the current names and addresses of the parents as well as a certified copy of the original birth record prior to adoption.

If Mommy and Daddy say you can have it, you're gifted with the Holy Grail of your OBC. I know there is no father listed on my OBC (I'm a miracle!) so I only need the permission of one person.

Did she send it in, sports fans?

Stay tuned.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Philly Phridays #12: Adventure Aquarium

OK it’s not really in Philly, but just look on the map OK? It’s right across the bridge. Anyway it’s part of the Philly CityPass program therefore that makes it Philly-by-Proxy. Plus you get there by taking the Riverlink Ferry, so just forget it’s in Jersey totally. Adventure Aquarium is a Philly attraction.

With that out of the way, the Adventure Aquarium opened in 2005 after a large renovation. While it’s mainly a kid’s spot, there’s cool enough stuff in there to appeal to forever children as well.

They’ve got a beautiful ocean tank, a rain forest exhibit, penguins, seals, but the coolest of them all is the shark tunnel, which I think is worth the price of admission. One could even scuba with the sharks, if one were so inclined. This again is one of the pricier attractions at $19 if you don’t go with a CityPass, but I did want to cover some kids spots for those of you bringing children next year.

Sorry, but I’m cutting Philly Phriday short this week on account of bronchitis.

Next week: Philly Ghosts!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going Home - New Trailer Posted

Please take a moment to show some love by rating/favoriting. They've been working on this film for sooooooo long!

Official site: Third Cat Productions


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adoption Reform Illinois Letter To Legislators

Crossposted from 73Adoptee:

Please see the Adoption Reform Illinois letter to legislators (pdf) and press release (pdf).

Adoption Reform Illinois
October 20, 2008

To The Members of the Illinois State Legislature:

On behalf of adopted adults born in our state, Adoption Reform Illinois and its supporters around the country request that you vote against Illinois House Bill 4623. As written, HB 4623 offers some adopted adults a chance to access their original birth certificates but bans others from access to theirs. This bill turns the matter into a question of search and reunion instead of addressing the civil right of all persons, without exception, to access their records.

We formally request that you will sponsor a new bill to restore the right of access to original birth certificates to all Illinois adopted adults. We propose the following alternative to HB 4623:

“All adopted adults, upon reaching the age of majority and upon written request, shall be able to request and receive a copy of their original birth certificate without any restrictions or falsifications on the certificate, in a manner identical to that of all other non-adopted citizens of the state.”

With the state budget in crisis, we urge our legislators to forgo HB 4623 and its enlargement of the Illinois Adoption Registry and Confidential Intermediary programs. These programs are rarely successful (by their own statistics, a match rate of less than 17% through March 2008*) and charge fees that are to expensive for many. By returning the right of Illinoisans to access their adoption-related records, we could eliminate the cost of these expensive and ineffective programs.

Please support the right of all Illinois citizens to access their records equally.


Anita Walker Field
Illinois Open

Triona Guidry
Midwest Coordinator Green Ribbon Campaign For Open Records

* see, as originally posted at

Ann Wilmer
Green Ribbon Campaign
for Open Records

Lorraine Dusky
Author, “Birthmark”

Marley Greiner
Bastard Nation:
The Adoptee Rights Organization

Mary L. Fuller
Founder, FamAdopt
Illinois Born and Adopted

James R. Marsh, Esq.
The Marsh Law Firm PLLC
ChildLaw Blog,

Joyce Bahr
NY Statewide Adoption Reform
Illinois Birth Mother

Patricia Marler
Oklahoma Open Record Org.

Amy Burt
Indiana Open
Coleman Moms and Babes

Margaret S. Lyburtus
Illinois Birth Mother

Keli Galvin
Illinois Birth Mother

Peter Kristian Mose
Illinois Born And Adopted

Bonnie Pierce Spinazze
Adoptee And Illinois Resident

Nancy West McGuire
Reunited Adoptee

Th eresa Hoo d

Lisa Kay Floyd-Morash

Gerald H. Bailey


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Haven't got time for the pain

Doesn't mean it's not there, just means I don't have time to blog it.

ULB will return to it's regularly scheduled bitterness once this election and RegDay are over.

In the interim, check out this talented and beautiful person:


Friday, October 17, 2008

Philly Phridays #11: The Philadelphia Zoo

Zoos are funny things with me. No matter what city I go to, I always have to visit the zoo. But then I get all morose and moody after because zoos remind me of adoption. There’s just no pleasing me.

The Garden Zoological Society is our nation’s very first zoo. And up until the time I moved away from Philly, I don’t think the exhibits had ever been upgraded since opening day. OK I’m being mean here but I swear my childhood memories of the zoo were really unhappy animals in really tiny spaces, ending with me throwing a histrionic fit outside the gorilla cage sobbing “He sh-sh-should be in the ju-ju-ju-jujujujujujungle” while some aunt would pat my hand saying “Oh Theresa, you’re too sensitive sweetheart, he’s perfectly happy in that cage!”

Thankfully no more. Upon returning to Philly as an adult I was very happy to see upgraded exhibits in most of the park. I haven’t been there in a few years but I’m hopeful there have been more improvements since. The zoo sits on 42 acres and is home to 1,800 animals. Because I’m feeling lazy, doing a wikipedia copy here:

* The Dodge Rare Animal Conservation Center: Interactive graphics and up-close views of some of the world's most endangered animals: giant Rodrigues fruit bats, naked mole rats, blue-eyed lemurs, tree-kangaroos, and more.

* The Reptile and Amphibian House: Features over 125 species of amphibians and reptiles, including giant tortoises and the venomous King Cobra.

* "Bank of America: Big Cat Falls" Features numerous species of wild cats including African Lions, Black Jaguars, Amur Tigers, and Pumas.


* Carnivore Kingdom: Features a family of six rare, playful Giant Otters, Snow Leopards, Red Pandas, and Clouded Leopards in unique naturalistic environments.

* African Plains: warthogs, Sable Antelope, Mhorr Gazelle, reticulated giraffes, hippos, and zebras.

* Exotic South American animals: such as Giant Anteaters and capybaras.

* The Channel 6 Zooballooon, a tethered helium balloon, rises 400 feet (120 m) in the air to offer a view of the Zoo, the Schuylkill River, and the Philadelphia Center City skyline.

* PECO Primate Reserve: Features 2.5 acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits with ten species of primates, including Sumatran Orangutans, lowland gorillas, lemurs, langurs, and gibbons.

The zoo is a little on the pricey side at $17.95 in-season. Also a lot of the fun stuff like the safari ride and the hot air balloon rides are extra. However if you’re a member of your own city’s zoo they have reciprocal membership. Another way to offset the price, if you’re staying in the city for a while and plan on doing a lot of sightseeing is to purchase a CityPass which gets you a discount at six different attractions.

If we decide to go, and if anyone else is like me and feels oddly morose after zoo visits, the best way to ward off that unsightly adopted feeling is by a visit just 5 minutes across the river to Rembrandts, home of the longest happy hour in Philly.

That winds up this week's suggestion of places to visit during next summer's Adoptee Rights Demonstration.

Next week: sharks!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loving on Power 105.1 FM New York

Sending out some love, thanks and gratitude to Power 105.1, WWPR for adding the RegDay Public Service Announcement to their website event list.

Please give them a visit and add them as a friend over at Myspace!

And if you're in the area, set your dial to 105.1, #1 for HipHop and R&B


Monday, October 13, 2008

Your VOTE counts!

Please, this election is so important.

Don't let this important event pass without acting on your civic duty.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Last year we instituted our annual Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards

This year we continue that tradition. Until November 1 you will have the opportunity to vote for the recipient of this year's award.

The nominees are:

* LDS Family Services for using coercive tactics in obtaining infants for adoption and for not respecting paternal rights;

* The makers of Juno for helping to groom and brainwash a whole new generation of girls and young women to be walking incubators for the the adoption industry;

* for systematically banning voices that oppose current adoption practices and their continuous pro-adoption propaganda;

* Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute for awarding persons and organizations that promote the one sided point of view of the adoption industry;

* Adoptions from the Heart for their continued cooperation with the totally corrupt Indian orphanage Preet Mandir;

* Amici dei Bambini for being the driving force behind the concept of European Adoptions, as a way to re-open adoptions from Romania;

* CPS in various states for pushing for quick adoptions on flimsy allegations to meet targets and quotas;

* UK Local authority Social Services for pushing for quick adoptions on flimsy allegations to meet targets and quotas;

* Canadian Children's Aid Society for pushing for quick adoptions on flimsy allegations to meet targets and quotas;

* District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency for for not checking up on Renee Bowman.

You can cast your vote by following this link:


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amazing, really

Almost half a century later

I need her just as much

as the day I was born.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Philly Phridays #10: Reading Terminal Market

There is nothing nothing nothing like Reading Terminal Market. I hope I can portray how immensely cool this place is. It’s so massive, the first time you enter it, it can be a tad overwhelming. It’s a maze, it’s loud, it’s confusing, it’s crowded, it’s incredible.

Here’s cool thing #1: it’s within walking distance of the Pennsylvania Convention Center!

Here’s cool thing #2: not only is it within walking distance, it’s less than 2 minutes!

Cool thing #3: While everyone else is schmoozing in the booth, we’ll be pigging out!

This is the place to get tons of food to bring back to the hotel. This is the place to grab food from the night before the demonstration for the sign making party. This is seriously the coolest place in Philly.

The Reading Terminal Market has, at any one time, anywhere from 70-90 different merchants selling clothes, books, art, crafts, groceries, and tons and tons and tons and tons of food.

This site has been around since the 1800’s, and two merchants inside are descendants of original booth holders. I think that’s too cool.

The food is insane. You absolutely must be sure to get a shoofly pie from one of the Dutch vendors.

And also pack an empty suitcase, to bring dry good groceries home. You think I’m joking but I’m not, when you see this place, you’re going to want to bring stuff back with you.

Besides the awesome foodage and shopage, there’s live music, really fun cooking classes, and you can sign up for an hour-long tour of the history of Philly food, if you’re so inclined.

Everyone loves this place!

There were two Reading Terminal videos on YouTube that I kept going back and forth on over which one to post. So at the end, I decided to post both.

This one was made for a film class. They had to capture the essence of a place in a few minutes set to music:

And this one made me smile:

That wraps it up for this week’s review of places to visit during next year’s Adoptee Rights Demonstration. Next week: the zoo!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oklahoma is on-board for RegDay!

If you can help volunteer in Tulsa, (or Sacramento CA, or Metaire LA, or Buffalo, Long Island or Rochester NY, or Amarillo TX, or Burke, VA) contact a site coordinator or join the mailing list.

Who's next?!

View Larger Map


Friday, October 03, 2008

Philly Phridays #9: Morris Arboretum

Thank you very much for the well wishes last Phriday. Believe it or not, it still hurts.

In between the drinking and protesting and drinking and lobbying and drinking and drinking during next summer’s Adoptee Rights Demonstration, a good place to unwind will be at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania.

It’s a full day visit, and we’ll be there at a really pretty time of year. I love visiting gardens. I love visiting gardens because I can’t have one. It’s not that I don’t have the property. I do. I just kill plants. It’s horrible. I mean well, but I can never get them out of the trunk and planted. I wind up finding them a week later dead. It’s terrible, really. I'm a serial killer of plants. I blame adoption. Genetics too. If you saw my mom’s porch, you’d understand. She’s not a plant gal either.

Anyway, they do have a lovely sample of fumaria bastardii ---- however, I was extremely disappointed to learn there is no bastardia anywhere in the gardens!

Talk about discrimination.

92 acres of gardens and trails. It’s very quiet there so it will probaby be a good hangover spot.

Have a good weekend!


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