Friday, December 05, 2008

Philly Phridays #16: Christ Church

I feel very guilty about slacking off on Philly Phriday last week, with the holiday and all. So when thinking guilt – what’s better than to write about church!

Christ Church, founded in 1695, was the Sunday morning hangout of Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, George Washington and other notable figures. The building that stands now was built in 1744. I remember visiting it on several school field trips, and always found it dead-ass boring. Growing up Catholic, the plain white walls and lack of statues, incense and (my own personal favorite) gory Stations of the Cross plaques along the walls baffled me. How could anyone possibly go to church here every Sunday?

Associated with the church are the famous Burial Grounds located two blocks away, which offer guided tours on the hour between 10AM and 3PM. Guided tours are offered at the Church as well, and they provide special lectures on history and genealogy throughout the year.

Speaking of genealogy, the Church has fantastic genealogical archives including parish records and correspondence.

Just a short walk away is National Mechanics Bar & Restaurant, who want you to know right off the bat when you visit their website that their menu is god-damned tasty. Not only that, but when you check out their bar menu, they let you know they’ve damn near achieved Utopia.


So prayers for restoring access, famous dead people, damn good food and damn better drinks, this is a definite must see next July when you come on down to the Adoptee Rights Demonstration.

Be back next week for one of the creepiest museums you’ll ever visit. Have a good weekend!

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