Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adoption Month Blatherings

Well, well, well.

Life has certainly been quite inconsiderate of the fact that this is National Adoption Awareness Month, and that I had a host of things I wished to do in celebration of all inappropriately touched by adoption.

Where do I begin?

You may remember that both Dr. Ungrateful and I have found ourselves unwilling participants in the LOLfest known as teh economy is teh suck, adding the two of us to the ever-growing pool of over educated and/or over qualified middle-aged professionals watching TV in the middle of the afternoon instead of being gainfully employed.

I'm actually still (resentfully) working at this point however that is about to come to a crashing halt soon. My original end date was October 1st, but I was able to wrangle a stay of execution to next Wednesday. If an internal job offer comes through after the umpteen million interviews (ok actually 14)  I've been on over the past few months I get to live, but I'm not hopeful. We've had a massive *cough*cough* "workforce reduction" (i.e., hemorrhaging jobs to India and Brazil) so considering the fact that there's someone equally qualified on the other side of the world who is more than happy to do my job for a lot less money, I'm screwed.

Our beloved house continues to sit on the market in a sea of foreclosures and short sales; ditto for our beloved plot of land down south that we had intended to retire to one day, so there's not much belovedness to go around right now.

To add insult to injury, my adoptive mother had a heart attack late Halloween night, landing her in cardiac ICU. She's out of danger right now but given her unwillingness to follow doctor's orders, I'm expecting a repeat performance any time now.

So. Adding adoption news to digg - totally out the window. Tweeting about adoption -- totally out the window. RegDay -- totally out the window. Re-doing this old blog template that I am seriously tired of --  totally out the window. Adoption conference in NJ -- totally out the window.

How rude.

However there are little projects going on here and there behind the scenes. You know me, never happy unless I have a techie project or two or three to (mis)manage. I'm testing out a new app on Facebook later today that will either be successful beyond my wildest expectations, or a epic failure of  proportions heretofore unreported in the history of all time (it's always extremes with me). There' are other little things going on too, so if you feel like giving a hand and you've got either Google Spreadsheet or MS Excel experience, drop me a line. Even better, if you can create a functional Yahoo Pipe or scrape an API, I'll be your slave for real.

I'm hoping to get back on Twitter and Digg very soon, especially since my  Adoption2.0 idol, the one, the only, the fantabulistic new media maven of all things new media Claud actually called me, yes me, little old me,  a "community trust agent". Flattered is an understatement. Seriously, I could die tomorrow a happy woman, my life's work completed.

That's the nicest thing anyone's ever called an old nerd like me.


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