Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's adorable to be a brood mare

Banal, stupid and insipid people -- they are everywhere.

No place is this more apparent than Facebook.

And when the banal, stupid and insipid get together, they make fan pages.

A lovely new one getting attention is "Birth Mom Missions", where the debate between those who are just turning cartwheels with joy over giving away their babies and those who feel a little less gleeful about the whole thing is heating up.

But really, just how much can you debate with a mother who lists this little nugget as a shining moment of adoption bliss:

"And your (sic) gonna love this daughter was adopted into a fam with a little boy already...he called me "the baby maker" and he wanted to see if I could make him another one too. I thought it was adorable...cause it was. In the non-politically correct world of a child, it was just as he said it was. He got a sister he always wanted, that was all that mattered to him. And I am glad."


Sunday, May 16, 2010

I will never, ever, ever blog again

Nah, I lie. I always lie. I can't help it.

I just wrote that because in every single blog post I write something along the lines of oh I so hope to get back to blogging soon! and then never do. I mean it's been what, two months since my last post!?

There's so much going on, and I don't even have the energy to blog about it. Just a lot of loss, and the loss has been very loss-y, more loss for any human bastid to endure, really.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that sitting in front of my monitor is a chore for me now. I used to adore what I did for a living, and even though I was in my office many days 12, 13, 14 hours, I loved it so much I had tons of energy. Now, once I'm done with what I need to do on the computer, I just can't stand to sit here any longer. The thought of blogging just makes me grimace, and that causes wrinkles.

So I'm hoping that since I kept posting about how I'd blog soon and never did, perhaps blogging that I'd never ever ever ever ever ever ever blog again would kick my ass.

Oh - that and the fact that I wanted to direct the attention of whatever readers see this to Michelle's blog, because she has a book review I wanted you to read:

Please go check it out, and then please go purchase the book. And if when you do purchase it, don't be like me and think, "This is an important book so I want to have undivided time to read it", because life won't cooperate with you. Make the time to finish it, like I'm going to do today. I have time because you know, I'm never blogging again.


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