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Pennsylvania Adoptee Rights **URGENT ACTION NEEDED--Help us Defeat HB 1968**

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**URGENT ACTION NEEDED--Help us Defeat HB 1968**

Dear Advocates,

As you may have known, there were two bills in the Health and Human Services Committee that seek to change the portion of adoption law that governs an Adult Adoptee's access to identifying information.
HB 1968 is the BAD bill. HB 1978 is the GOOD, equal rights, bill.

Unfortunately, despite all of our outpouring of support for HB 1978, it is still sitting in the HHS Committee. HB 1968, on the other hand, has made its way out of committee and is now before the PA House of Representatives for consideration.

It is of utmost importance that HB 1968 be defeated. HB 1968 not only does not change the current law much at all; it actually makes it worse. Worse even yet, should HB 1968 pass, we worry that legislators (1) will believe that the law is improved when it isn't and (2) won't want to re-address this issue and portion of law, and will leave HB 1978 to die in committee.

We cannot let the law get worse with HB 1968. We cannot let HB 1978 die.

We have created a call-to-action made available HERE.

In the call-to-action you will find:

(1) the text to the bill

(2) bill sponsors to contact

(3) a guide letter to assist those who are new to contacting legislators in drafting letters and emails.

(4) ways to help PAR and defeat HB 1968

(5) our Position Statement of Opposition to HB 1968 to give you an overview on the bill and why we oppose it.

For more information, please see

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