Friday, August 13, 2010

Support Adoptee Films

I'm burdened with writer's block recently.

I've tried a number of times to write a post asking you to please consider two adoptee film projects, but I just can't get the words out.

Thankfully, the National Council for Adoption came to my rescue, with a fundraising letter template that is very easy to use. After all friends, the NCFA is no stranger to knowing how to raise the big bucks.

So here goes:

Dear Friend of Adoptees,

At ULB, I believe equal access to original birth certificates is everyone's birthright, yet there are those who actually oppose adoptees and and try to shame us for our belief in equality. In fact, the anti-adoptee industry  is  frantically  fund-raising overtime to counter our mission to end discrimination.

What can you do to stop this negativity and anti-adoptee bias?

You can make an urgent  gift right now of  any amount to support adoptees trying to promote the truth through film-making.  Adoptees are frequently the subject of films, yet our voices continue to remain unheard. Please support these adoptee filmmakers help spread the truth.

You can STOP the discrimination and anti-adoptee efforts: DONATE NOW to help support adoptee voices in film-making.

With sincere thanks for your support,

Ungrateful Little Bastard,
Legend in my Own Mind

If the attempts of the NCFA to raise more money have pissed you off, don't get mad, get donating!

Two projects that could use your support:

All My Life...  Adoptee Rights and Civil Liberties
What if our government kept a sealed record on your identity? Birth records are public information to most of the population, but to a few like myself, are sealed because we are adopted. Currently, I have no legal right to my original birth record, unlike every other person in New York State.

All My Life… “A Working Title” is a documentary that focuses on my own efforts to discover who my biological parents are. Nine years of endless searching has brought me nothing. I have spent thousands of dollars on private investigators, posted up and down the internet, and even approached strangers, all in an effort to find my biological family.

My whole history is contained in a manila folder, thirteen barely legible pages contain everything I know about my parents. When I was a child I would pour over those documents trying to get a picture or a feeling of what I am or who they were. I, like other adoptees, have always felt like something was missing. A piece of me is gone.

This documentary will focus on the stories of adoptees and the efforts to unseal records for all adult adoptees. It will also highlight a portion of our society that people know very little about. The end goal for this film is to raise awareness, update the public health laws and finally help me discover who I am.

All My Life… is the first feature written and directed by Jason Darnieder, and produced by Flower City Media.

~~ and ~~

Sponsor 'For the Life of Me' on Public Television

OPPORTUNITY! You can become a sponsor of For the Life of Me and support its broadcast on public television this fall!
We are trying to raise $6,800 for station placement, outreach, tracking, close captioning and an HD version for broadcast. You'll be listed on the website as one of our premiere sponsors - but more importantly, you'll be supporting the broadcast of the film to help educate communities about why adoption reform is so critical.

You can either pay online (at this link), or you can send a check to:

Jean Strauss/Silver Tandem Productions
2300 Glenna Goodacre Blvd. #4325
Lubbock, TX 79401

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