Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is Not a Legal Record

Please take a moment to visit Real Kid / Bastard Spawn Extraordinaire, Nathaniel Christopher.

I first ran across Nathaniel years ago on YouTube, when he posted a video response to one of Kali's vlogs about his own horrible treatment trying to get his deceased father's adoption records.

Over the past three years, Nathaniel has posted a series of vlogs on his legal battles between Alabama and Georgia. Even though Nathan's father was born in an equal access state, he was adopted in Georgia, resulting in a complicated back-and-forth red tape, fork-over-the-money journey between the two jurisdictions.

September, 2007  Nathan in Alabama

December, 2008 Georgia: Let me have my father's damn adoption records, now!

July, 2010 Adoption records unsealed after nearly 70 years! 

Genealogy is a popular hobby. For the nonadopted. Genealogy is seen as a fun pastime. For the nonadopted. In fact, Genealogy is soooo popular that over 1 million real kids worldwide are forking over anywhere from $13 to $30 per month at to stay up way too late stalking dead people.

But when we want to do it, it's seen as pathological.

Unfortunately that same bias is passed on to our kids too through the magic of adoption. They should feel content to trace their adoptive family tree, and not wonder about their own family history. Some children of adoptees are saddled with the same conflicting loyalties we are between their adoptive grandparents and their own curiosity or need for truth.

But some real kids just won't shut the fuck up, earning them the esteemed title of Bastard Spawn in the League of Adoptee Superfriends.

Congratulations Nathaniel, and thank you for being so ungrateful.

2 complaints from ingrates:

Reid August 18, 2010 at 9:41 AM  

I love the parallel you draw to all of us searching our family trees and paying money, yet the adoptees being seen as pathological. Very good point. But I expect nothing less from you :)

Nathaniel Christopher August 19, 2010 at 12:19 AM  

I am deeply honoured and thrilled that you follow my blog and journey through adoption records hell. It was great, however, that end of the journey I received so much support from the vital records people and a judge who had to actually phone the vital records guy 'cause apparently he hadn't received a case like mine.

There were, however, a few people in the courts down there who weren't so enthusiastic about my goal and actually told me why I shouldn't do it and defended the archaic laws. I'm thinking about writing a blog entry about them... and yes, I'll use their first and last names...

It's interesting that you mention I've been using that ever since I got my grandmother's name in an attempt to find any information on her or my father's adoptive family.

It seems that the people at Ancestry are pretty cool with regards to adoptees. For example, you're allowed to add more than one mother or father for someone. I selected one woman as my father's adopted mother and another as his biological mum.

It seems for me that I no longer have to contend with evil, hateful statues to to get information that I think is a basic human right. Now that I have everything the state was holding my search has moved into the realm of humdrum, corpse-rattlin' geneaology.

I don't have many names, dates or places but I'm going to use what I have to search for a living relative or witness.

I want to break the veil of secrecy by reaching out across the sealed file to the real people behind it.

At one time our ancestors walked the same path but my father fell off of it forever and lost all track of that journey. While I can't go back down the road of my ancestors I'd like to meet up with the other people who were able to continue that journey. I'd like to rejoin them. Even if it's just a single meeting to swap our stories.

That's my hope going forward.

Thanks again for giving me such a wonderful shout out on your blog, Theresa. I love reading this thing. You have such a clever, witty and creative way of expressing any thought through writing.


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